Christine Brown Admits Moment She Knew Gwendlyn’s Sexuality

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Christine Brown loves all of her children so much. She was just meant to be a parent and spread love everywhere. That being said, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, Christine discussed her daughter Gwendlyn. She is openly bisexual and proud. Though fans who follow Gwen have known this for some time, it was never spoken about on TV. So, when did Christine first get an inkling that Gwendlyn was into females? Read on for more details.

The Moment Christine Brown Knew Gwendlyn Wasn’t Straight

Gwendlyn was quite candid with the camera. She admitted that she likes people of both genders but it is really not limited to how you were born. Christine’s daughter appeared quite open-minded and well-adjusted which is a testament to how her mother raised her. Of course, Christine shared that she does have girl crushes such as Blake Lively but that is where it ends. Then, she went on to discuss when she realized her daughter was not straight.

Christine Brown/YouTube

It was actually when Meri and Kody’s only child, Leon came out. At that moment, Christine related it to Gwen and immediately had her answers. Now, keep in mind, that season aired in 2016 so Christine had known for a handful of years. Yet, she and Gwen never revealed when they actually talked about her sexuality. Or if the subject even came up, to begin with. It may have just been a silent understanding between mother and daughter.

Gwen’s girlfriend, Gwen, Gwen’s siblings, and a friend

Following Gwendlyn’s Instagram, she has had two public girlfriends and Christine has welcomed them with open arms. They have even traveled with the Browns on family vacations. It also seems that Gwen’s siblings like her partners, as well as they happily pose in photos together. That makes a huge difference when it comes to openly living your truth.

So Much Is Changing

At the time Gwendlyn was talking about who she is, her family was packing up. Ysabel is getting ready to move to North Carolina for college. Similarly, their mother, Christine Brown had left their plural family for good. She is now taking their youngest sister, Truely back to Utah where they have so much love and a lot of family there. Luckily, the move has been great for everyone and the kids still get to see each other a lot.

Are you surprised to learn that Christine Brown knew about Gwendlyn’s sexuality so early? Or the way that she realized it? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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