Is Kody Brown Really The Monster TLC Edits Him To Be?

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Kody Brown is not a fan favorite by any means. He has an eruptive personality while using manipulation tactics to get what he wants. In the most recent episode, he brought up the ‘manosphere’ while negotiating Truely’s custody. He thinks that everyone is gaslighting him but it always seems to be the opposite. However, fans are now questioning if the father of eighteen is really as bad as he is portrayed. Is it just editing by TLC that makes him out to be a monster? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown: Monster Or Tricky Editing?

It seems like Kody is always mad or yelling. Then, when he is not, he has the tendency to play the victim. After actively pushing his third wife, Christine away, he seems perplexed as to why she is leaving. However, how much of what fans see is just creative editing for entertainment value? Fans started a Reddit thread to address all of this and to immediately give a “shout out” to whoever is editing this season.

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Redditors seem to think that the editors are now just having a field day with the content that they are given. More so, they are not holding back whatsoever. “I am guessing the production crew has finally just had enough of his sh*t and are showing him in all his ‘glory’,” one noted. Fans also could not get over Kody mucking up Truely’s age, thinking she was 10 when she is actually 11. He did the same with Ysabel, aging her a year backward.

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Yet, some fans are not totally convinced they are seeing the true Kody. “I am sometimes wondering if we are all being played. Maybe Kody is playing a villain and acting like this. Let’s face it the last few seasons the show has been clinging on for dear life, it was getting boring. I see Kody being such an absolute jerk that I can’t believe he is the same doofus we all kinda found quirky but endearing in his own way… But TLC has pulled the wool over my eyes before with reality series,” someone stated.

Who Is He Really?

At this point, no one will ever know the real Kody Brown. Unless one of the wives writes a tell-all about life in the plural family. However, it is pretty clear he is on an island by himself. Christine has left and moved to Utah while Janelle travels quite frequently. She is super close to Christine so they love their adventures. Plus, their Plexus business offers them a lot of opportunities. As for his first wife, Meri, she is either at her Utah B&B or off with her LuLaRoe crew. That means he is left in Flagstaff with Robyn and their five kids.

Do you think that the show edits Kody Brown to look worse than he is or is he truly that awful? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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