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Christine Brown Sells Bed Set She Boned Kody On For Years

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Christine Brown is ready to sell everything that reminds her of the past. As she prepares to leave Flagstaff for Utah, she wants all of Kody’s stuff out. Though she packed it all up and left it in the garage months ago, he seems to be dragging his feet when it comes to getting it out and gone. Now, Christine is trying to sell off what she does not need and that includes one very important piece of Brown history. Read on for details.

Christine Brown Tells Kody She’s Selling Their Bed

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Christine is showing Kody the garage. She wants to let him know that she wants to bring the least amount of stuff to Utah with her. This will be a fresh start for her and their youngest daughter, Truely. One of the items she tells him that she is not bringing with her is the former couple’s bed set. Kody is shocked by this information. He admits that he has an emotional attachment not just to the bed but to Christine.

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As for Christine, she does not want anything toxic going along with her and that bed is reminiscent of bad times. Yet, on her last night in it, she shared how she sprawled out since it was a King sized bed. Furthermore, she thought back to the good and bad times. These included giving birth to her babies in that bed. However, some fans told her that maybe she should have omitted that last part seeing as she wanted to sell the bed set.

Closing The Chapter

Things had been rough between Christine Brown and Kody for over a decade. Finally, it hit a head in Season 16 when she confronted him about their intimacy. Unfortunately, she alleges that he said they would not be intimate anymore. For her, that was the nail in the coffin. It was bad enough he had said he was not attracted to her but this just sealed their fate. Christine did not want an intimacy-free marriage despite Kody claiming many couples had them.

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She even noted that she did not want what he and Meri had which is a borderline friendship and no marital relations for over a decade. Though Kody claims he told her that he had to trust her again, the damage was already done. Ultimately, Christine banned him from her bedroom and that was when she moved his stuff to the garage. Selling the bed set where they had been intimate was more about moving on from the toxicity and bringing in the light.

Do you think Christine Brown was right to sell the bed set she slept with Kody in? Should she have kept it since she gave birth in it? Would you buy a set with that heavy of a history? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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