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Kody Brown Believes He Hid Marital Struggles From Kids

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Kody Brown is having a hard time with his wives. Admittedly, he and his third wife, Christine are going through a divorce. That being said, he knows that it cannot be easy on his six children with her. However, he is a firm believer that he was able to hide their struggles from the children. Unfortunately, there were two people in this immediate marriage. Therefore, have the kids actually been immune to the bad times between their parents? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Believes His Marital Troubles Were Hidden From Children

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody believes that his kids with Christine were unaware of their troubled marriage. That was not necessarily the case. These problems have been going on for over a decade so the older kids definitely saw the breakdown. More so, the distance between him and Christine has definitely led to him spending less time over at their house. He claims that he never exposed their kids to the difficulties they were facing, even dating back to Las Vegas. This is what he has maintained on his part.

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However, during the pandemic, he started to hear rumblings that Christine was talking about leaving him. Furthermore, as Ysabel is getting ready to leave for college, she shares where she will be living. She is moving in with her sister and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie. Maddie has been happily married to Caleb Brush since June 2016 and they are currently expecting their third child. Additionally, they are in a monogamous relationship.


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Ysabel is excited as her sister and Caleb are a happy couple which she feels will benefit her after being around her parents who did not have a great relationship. Janelle piggybacks that with the same sentiment. She believes that this is exactly what Ysabel needs to be around. Two people in a functioning relationship after so much dysfunction. Finally, if Kody thinks he hid anything, he has to remember they can just turn on the television to watch the truth play out.

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It is clear that Kody Brown has no idea of the impact that he has on his children’s lives. Christine went on to say that her biggest regret is that her kids are not closer to their father. Still, Ysabel drove away to college with her mother and little sister Truely without Kody. He said that it is over with Christine but that he could not travel with her at the moment. There was also Covid but it seems his bitterness got the best of him.

Do you think Kody Brown really hid his marital struggles from the kids? Did he even do a good job? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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