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‘Sister Wives’ Where Do Meri & Kody Brown Stand Today?

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Over the years, Sister Wives fans have watched Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage completely fall apart. They didn’t seem to be on great terms before, but the catfishing scandal virtually ended them. In the years that followed, Kody admitted he just no longer trusted Meri as he once did. He seemingly closed the door on an intimate relationship with her but hasn’t ended the spiritual union.

This season, Kody is dealing with Christine’s departure. Viewers might think that he would hold the rest of the wives close. But instead, Kody and Robyn both admitted they wouldn’t mind if Meri followed in Christine’s footsteps.

Season 17 takes place a year and a half behind the present day. Has the relationship between Kody and Meri improved? Or does he still wish she would just move on?

Meri doesn’t post about Kody Brown on social media any longer

For quite some time now, Meri Brown has been the queen of cryptic messages. She frequently annoys followers by posting positive, uplifting messages on her Instagram page and insists that “everything is fine” in her marriage — even though it clearly isn’t. Followers beg Meri to follow Christine’s example, but the TLC personality insists that she’s perfectly content.

Meri Brown from Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

So what’s going on? Are Kody and Meri still together even though they clearly aren’t happy?

In Touch Weekly noted that Meri actually spent her birthday without Kody this year. Or at the very least, she didn’t include him in her social media posts. Kody Brown seems more interested in keeping a lower online profile these days. He also wasn’t tagged in any photos from his son Logan’s wedding, even though sources confirm he did attend.

It’s entirely possible that TLC has asked Kody Brown not to appear in social media posts. The network may want to cause speculation that none of the wives are with Kody any longer. That would really entice viewers to tune in and see what happens onscreen.

TLC personalities frequently have clauses like this in their contract. Fans may never know the complete truth, but it appears that Meri and Kody are still together — even if he doesn’t show up in her social media posts.

The marriage has definitely fizzled out

Even though Meri and Kody may be spiritually married, she doesn’t feel like it.

“I don’t feel like I am part of the Brown family. It’s this weird thing. Am I a sister wife when I don’t have a husband? And I have a husband, technically, but do I? … It’s weird,” Meri has confessed before. She also said that she and Kody are friendly at this point. That’s a positive note, but viewers can’t help but see the romance has completely evaporated from their marriage.

TLC put outs new episodes of Sister Wives each Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to tune in tonight and see what’s going on in the Brown household. Don’t miss out!

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