Christine Brown Shading Kody In This Moment Gives Fans Life

Christine Brown - Sister Wives | episode screencap

Sister Wives fans are watching Christine Brown lead her best life since she decided to leave Kody Brown. Yes, Christine seems to get the best of Kody every time they appear together. Her social media posts show her happy again and she isn’t beneath throwing a little shade when needed.

In a recent clip from Sister Wives, Christine made a comment that has all her fans happy.

Christine Brown throws shade at Kody

Kody Brown officiated his friend’s wedding in the seventh episode of Sister Wives this season. He also wrote the couple’s wedding vows. However, he struggled with it because he is still trying to get over his own failed marriage to Christine Brown. He even considered attempting to convince his friend not to get married as a result.

Kody Brown - Sister Wives | episode screencap

In the end, Kody decided against talking his friend out of the marriage. He said that when the wife-to-be was happy to take her husband’s last name, he knew she would be a “perfectly supporting wife.” Kody then made some hypocritical comments about the two not trying to change each other and”willingly negotiate” in situations.

However, Christine wasn’t going to let this slide without getting some shady comments of her own. While Kody called himself the “high priest of my own family,” he also said he is a “failed priest” because Christine left him. She said it was weird hearing Kody was officiating a wedding.

“How interesting is it that he is officiating a wedding when his own marriage has failed,” Christine said in the clip. “I mean, his and Meri’s marriage isn’t great; and mine and his is over. And I don’t know how his and Janelle’s is. I know it’s been rocky. Well, maybe they’ll have him give great wedding advice. I don’t know.”

Sister Wives fans love the snark


Sister Wives fans love the snark. When TLC posted the clip, the network even made a witty comment of their own, writing that Christine is “doing the math.”

The fans flooded to the site and praised Christine. One fan wrote, “Christine is giving me life right now. I see Janelle following her footsteps. They deserve so much better then a guy holding on to his hairline for dear life.”

Christine Brown outside on Sister Wives | episode screencap

Another fan noted TLC taking Christine’s side, writing, “I’m loving how much tlc is shading Kody this season.”

Other fans just loved to see Christine Brown stand up and take control of her own life, especially when making comments like this. One commented, “Christine is definitely a OG. I am loving the new her” while a second wrote, “So happy you left Christine. Now if Janelle would make the move – would be perfect.”

What did you think of Christine Brown’s comments about Kody in this situation on Sister Wives? Are you happy to see her living her best life? Let us know in the comments below and watch the show Sundays on TLC.

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