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Netflix has been regaining its lost customers with true crime stories and the latest on its list is the Killer Sally documentary. The docu-series recounts the events that led to the death of Sally McNeil’s husband, Ray McNeil in 1995. So, what is the true story behind this horrific event? Here is everything you need to know about Killer Sally before you watch the documentary.

Sally McNeil and Ray Connected Over Their Interest In Bodybuilding

Born in 1960, Sally McNeil is a former professional bodybuilder who was convicted of second-degree murder on Valentine’s Day. She was charged with shooting her husband who was also a fellow bodybuilder. Following the conviction, Sally was sentenced to a 19 years life sentence. Before this tragedy, Sally was a successful bodybuilder in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Twice in the early phase of her career, she bagged the US armed services physique competition. She met Ray McNeil while serving in the US Marine Corps. As per Meaww, they fell in love given their common interest in bodybuilding, and later got married in 1987.

Sally McNeil Was Older Than Her Husband Ray McNeil

Sally, at 27, was older than her husband who was 23 at the time. She was previously married and divorced after her marriage of four-year failed. Three years later, Sally was released from the military after which she went to pursue muscle worship to make some money. These are taped sessions wherein guys pay her to wrestle them to the ground. Something that started as a hobby later turned into a profitable job. As heard in the Netflix trailer, “If I wrestled 10 of them, that’s $3K.”


Professionally, she was so successful that Ray decided not to re-enlist in the military. Instead, he decided to pursue bodybuilding full-time. However, their relationship took a violent turn after she shot him twice in 1995 on Valentine’s Day. She shot him once in the head and once in the abdomen. However, Sally defended herself stating that she shot her husband in self-defense which earned her the title, Killer Sally.

Killer Sally Had Two Children From Her Previous Marriage

Sally and Ray were having a bad day on Valentine’s and neither of them was looking forward to roses or love poetry. Their disastrous marriage of eight years was worn out and beaten down by jealousy, vanity, and strong machismo. Sally was enraged when Ray arrived late at their Oceanside, California apartment.

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When he arrived at the apartment at 10 pm, she was furious and ready to fight. As the fight started, Sally’s children from her previous marriage, Shantina, and John, cowered in their bedroom. As Sally enquired Ray where he had been as he made chicken in the kitchen, Shantina heard a gurgling sound as if her mother was being choked.

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Later, Sally walked into a closet, took out her 12-gauge shotgun from the case, and fired at Ray’s six-pack abs. As he knelt, his wife reloaded the next round and shot him in the jaw. She then dialed 911 and on the call, Ray was heard in the background moaning, “Why, oh god, why?”

Ray McNeil Was Still Conscious When The Officials Arrived

Sally admitted to shooting her husband but claimed that she did so because he was choking her. However, when the authorities arrived, Ray was still alive and conscious and denied the allegations while bleeding out. He was confirmed dead after two hours and Sally was charged with murder. The case generated a stir in the bodybuilding community.

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