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‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Says She’d Never Hurt The Family

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Robyn Brown is in a bad state on Sister Wives. Though she is not going anywhere, she feels like her family has dissipated in front of her eyes. Now that Christine has made the decision to exit the plural family, it has changed everything. Kody is mourning the loss of one marriage while acting out. Since he spends the majority of his time with Robyn and her children, she gets the brunt of his anger. However, in a conversation with Meri, she opens up as to why she is there. More so, she explains that she would never hurt the family.

Robyn Brown Says She Would Never Hurt The Family

For Robyn, coming into the Brown world was a big deal. She had left a very bad marriage and was a single mother. Though there were other options, as she has reminded viewers, polygamy appealed to her. It was very important to find someone who would be good to her children and treat them just as well as his wives. That is what she found in Kody when they started courting. Unfortunately, all that has taken a downturn and she is desperate to do what she can to save what is left.

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It is vital to her that her kids grow up in this loving family unit. Now it breaks her heart that her youngest kids, Sol and Ari won’t experience what the older ones did. Therefore, she wants to bring everyone together as she tells Meri. Though she admits she would understand if Kody’s first wife did leave him, she asks her to hold on. Robyn notes that they have to rebuild their family and find a way to come back from the loss of Christine. Even Janelle, in her confessional, questions if they have a family anymore.

Desperate Times

Robyn Brown has come to a point where she is desperate to keep the family from falling apart. She does not want them to hurt any more than they already do. Therefore, she tells Meri that she would be okay with Christine staying and building on Coyote Pass. More so, Christine does not even have to stay with Kody. Rather, she can date whomever she would like as long as she does not leave the unit that they have created. This concept does not fly for Kody or Meri.

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In fact, Christine has no reason to stick around Flagstaff because she is done. As viewers may recall, she had wanted to go back to Utah and Kody acted like it was a great idea. However, he was just pacifying her and that also led to her reaching her breaking point. Robyn may not have intentionally hurt the family but it could be argued that the way she is with Kody is a slap in the face. So maybe she won’t admit what she has done. Maybe she just does not care.

Let us know your thoughts on Robyn Brown and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Omg! It’s always about ROBIN and HER kids 🙄 Tye family was doing just fine until the other wives were OK with bringing her on board. She knows she has ruined this family and most kids are grown..come on, really? Meri was duped at a time she felt lonely because her “husband” paid no attention. It does not make her actions appropriate, however she was technically divorced and Kody certainly was too wrapped up in poor, pitiful Robin who cannot even care for her own kids..WOW is all I can say. I think they should all leave the Kody and Robin clan!!

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