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Pat Sajak Goes Head To Head With Contestant Over Vowels?

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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has no problem challenging contestants. He also makes conversation with them as a way to get to know them. It is all literally a part of the game. However, one contestant came on to the Friday, October 28th game and had a bone to pick with prior contestants. Therefore, Pat and said contestant went head to head over money and vowels. Read on for more details.

Pat Sajak Goes Head To Head Over Vowels?

According to The Sun, Pat was getting to know one of the contestants named Debbie. As it turns out, she is actually a huge fan of the show. Debbie and her friends play along at home and she actually yells at the screen to the point of criticizing the players. When Pat pointed this out, Debbie responded. “Yeah, my friends and I used to yell at the screen all the time, and when people would buy vowels like ‘E’s’ when it was obvious there was one [on the puzzle], we would always scream at them, ‘why are you wasting your money!’- but now I understand.”

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That was when the longtime host quickly turned the tables on Debbie. “People at home thinking, ‘why are they wasting their money?’ they’re not! Because you know there’s an ‘E’ there could be four others.” Ultimately, Debbie just did not have what it takes to go all the way. Maybe vowels do actually matter or Pat’s interaction threw her off. Either way, it was her challenger, Candice who went to the final round but she did not succeed, either.

A Rocky Season

The show is now in Season 40 though Pat Sajak has not been around since the beginning. However, he has been a longtime staple along with Vanna White. For this monumental year, the show decided to switch things up. They changed the puzzle board and made it so the letters were operated from the back. Vanna just looks like she is working the board. This has not gone well for diehard fans for several reasons. Some miss when she used to have to turn the letters.

Vanna and Pat/YouTube

Others have been thrown off by random letters appearing on the board by mistake. In any case, the attempt to keep up with changing technology is not going well whatsoever. Plus, Pat seems to be lacking patience with contestants. It makes fans wonder how much longer the show can go on and who will be his replacement.

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak challenging the players? Do you think the banter is funny or rude? Let us know in the comments and watch Wheel of Fortune on weeknights.

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  1. Aw come on, lighten up a little..this is 2022 !
    It seems to me that there is a faction that is “after” Pat…I also have heard( nightly watcher) a few of the things that some people have tried to “fry” him over a I say..”REALLY”
    I honestly think he does a great job! His sense of humor may be different than yours, but come on you guys.

  2. I totally agree with the last comment. If you don’t l”dry” humor than too bad. Stop watching.
    He is a kind guy. Believe I couldn’t hold my tongue at some of the boneheaded contestants.
    Yikes. It’s a fun game.

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