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New ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Board Leaves Fans Baffled

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Wheel of Fortune has attempted to keep things fresh for Season 40. With that, the popular game show brought on a new puzzle board. Instead of Vanna White doing the work, everything is controlled for her. However, this has been a disadvantage both aesthetically and mistake-wise. It seems as though the letters decided to make an unwarranted appearance. This left fans both frustrated and baffled. Read on for more details.

An Unwanted Wheel Of Fortune Letter

It seems contestants may no longer have to buy vowels for them to randomly appear. Such is the case with the new puzzle board, no longer operated by Vanna. Originally, she turned the letters and then tapped them. Now, all the work is done for her. According to The Sun, fans have noticed letters randomly changing on their own. Apparently, during Wednesday evening’s Triple Toss Up round, a letter popped up unprompted by Vanna.

“I’ve never seen this before. Vanna always touches the final letter to begin the Toss-Up. This time a random letter lit up; must be the new laser-guided Vanna detector,” a fan of the series tweeted. Yet, this board has been a literal toss-up since the beginning. “I miss when Vanna would touch the letters on screens,” one viewer lamented. Another added: “It is even more ridiculous than before to have Vanna turn on the letters. She used to flip them, then press a button, now they most likely turn on the letter when they see her touching it. It can be all done backstage. When the Disney characters were on, they didn’t even pretend to touch the board.”

Keeping Up With The Times

At this point, Wheel of Fortune has been on for so long that they just want to keep up with the times. Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and it would be crazy to think they wouldn’t want to be a part of the evolution. The puzzle board seemed like the perfect place to add a little change. However, die-hard fans appreciated the simplicity of Vanna White touching the letters.

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This may be a bit much knowing that all of the work is being done behind the scenes. Yes, she and host Pat Sajak have tried to joke about it but maybe this is a time where ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ really applies.

Did you catch the Wheel of Fortune puzzle board snafu? Let us know and watch the show on weeknights.

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