Kody & Meri Brown Partners In Crime, Ignored Christine & Janelle?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown found a special connection with Robyn after they shared a dance long ago. He immediately shared his feelings about Robyn with Meri Brown, although he was a bit skeptical about her being divorced and having three kids. He described these issues as technical difficulties, something he could easily tackle. Not just that, Meri was the only one who knew Kody was courting Robyn while the other wives came to know about her much later.

Kody Brown Takes Another Wife Amid Dwindling Finances

Although at this point in his life, he described that his family was stable and his wives were happy, it wasn’t the same for Meri. Before the marriage happened, she wasn’t sure about bringing a fourth to their plural dynamics. It could be more about the fact that she was the one legally married to Kody. Moreover, she enjoyed being the top dog in the family.

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A Reddit user shared an excerpt from the Sister Wives book that described how Meri wasn’t on board with the marriage before Kody talked her into it. An emotional Meri hugged Kody and asked if the decision wasn’t right. She also asked if she is really meant to be with them. She even asked if they are wrong about the way they feel for her.

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However, Kody explained to her that the feelings he has for Robyn are undeniable. He further added that the emotional and spiritual connection with Robyn won’t be undone by Meri or his personal insecurities.

The excerpt further read,

“I told her that this person whom God had brought into our lives was meant to be there. It only had to be ratified by Robyn, her parents, and our church leaders.”

Robyn’s Cousin Reba Asks Kody And Meri About Their Feelings

Robyn’s cousin Reba was a very big reason the couple is together now. The book reveals how Reba showed up and was very direct with Kody and Meri about their feelings for her cousin. She said, “I have to know what you two are thinking about Robyn.”

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Kody and Meri exchanged glances after which the Brown family patriarch explained that they both have the same feeling of love for Robyn which was profound. He also informed Reba that they intended to get to understand Robyn if she was open to it.

Does Kody Brown Think With His Little Head?

Another Reddit user talked about how Kody actually made his wives accept Robyn rather than letting them accept her naturally. They wrote, “So all THREE of his wives came to him and said they weren’t sure about Robyn joining the family. And Kody still plowed ahead with the quickie courtship and marriage rather than taking things slowly and giving them any say at all because God told his penis that it was time for someone new.”

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“He also mentioned in the book that he was at an ‘all-time financial low’ when he courted a Robyn. Like literally 4 more mouths to feed is the last thing someone with money troubles should be thinking about,” added the third user.

It is clear as day that bringing a new wife on board was Kody’s solo decision. He just managed to make his other wives think that they were on board with the idea, especially Meri.

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Do you think Meri could have done more to let Kody know her real feelings about Robyn? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. He is such scum and Robyn I just have no use for her. She has had her fair share of ugly moves against the wives and the kids that she doesn’t like either. Meri is just as bad , she may be the victim at times but she can be ugly and hateful to others when it isn’t needed.

  2. has anybody done the timeline? Kody had already ceased marital relations with Meri and Janelle was done having kids with him by the time he met Robyn. Christine was having her last so he needed a new sexual relationship …. Enter Robyn

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