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‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Supports Meri Leaving Family

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Things continue to be rough in the Sister Wives family. Everything was rocky before Christine Brown decided to move back to Utah and leave Kody for good. Now, things are even worse and it seems that his wives are growing sick of him more and more every day. Robyn Brown has been a part of the problem and seems to be thinking somewhat differently.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown supports Meri leaving the family

US Weekly shared details about an upcoming episode of Sister Wives. Things continue to spiral for the plural family and Robyn Brown is showing some support for her fellow sister wife Meri.

Robyn said she commends Meri for being able to stick things out with Kody Brown even though he’s made it clear their romantic relationship is over. In fact, it’s been previously noted that Meri and Kody have not been intimate in over ten years.

Robyn said to Meri, “What I love about what you’re doing is you’re not just making it about what’s going on between you and him,” She continued, “You’re making it about everybody else too.”

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One reason Meri has stuck it out is because of the other family members that she loves dearly.

It seems Robyn and Meri have grown a little bit closer since Christine Brown left the family. Christine has made it clear she won’t really have a future friendship with Robyn and Meri.

So, how would Robyn feel if another wife decided to bail out of the marriage? She said, “As much as I would be devastated, I wouldn’t blame Meri if she got tired of hanging on and decided to give up.”

Meri appears to have no intention of leaving the family at this time even Kody seems to push her further and further away.

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Jealousy in the plural family

Meri and Robyn also discussed jealousy among members of the plural family. Meri pointed out that it’s only human to feel jealous feelings. She said it’s an emotion and you just learn to work through it.

Robyn said that if the roles were reversed Kody would be a “nutcase.” Kody denies it and says he would be fine with it. Robyn maintains he would not be okay with having to share his wives with another man.

What do you think about Meri still staying with the plural family? Should she and Janelle both leave?

Stay tuned for more Sister Wives updates.

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  1. Kody doesn’t love no one but Robyn. He doesn’t care if Meri leave they haven’t had a real relationship in over ten years. Janelle is getting tired of all his meds. If she was to leave that mean he doesn’t get part of her income that help take care the families. Plus if they were to leave he would have what he want Robyn. Plus he will no longer have a show. That is why he followed Christian to Utah trying to be nosey and trying to keep the show going. No wives but one is no longer a show. Plus he don’t want Christian he said it. Robyn family was more important that is why he don’t have a relationship with his children. Kody go back to Arizona and leave Christina alone. Remember Utah hates you.

    1. Robyn is the problem period point blank she that sadistic narcissistic a****** she’s legally married to thanks to Meri I’ll bet Meri kicking herself a thousand times over now! Cody is a vile person.

      1. Rally? The on y reason they keep Mary is for the money she brings. if she moved to the B&B that would be wonderful as long as they have access to her money. Remember how “The Family” refused to help her financially to buy it ? Even after they had said they would? I don’t know what she’s thinking.

        1. It’s clear no one likes Meri. Kody told her to leave. Robyn said go. None of the wives care for her. Not even fans. She’s staying to keep on tv. She says staying for the family and yet the family says go. Even Kody wouldn’t care if she married. I’m laughing cause Meri keeps saying things like she’s a hero staying. The fans won’t miss you. This season just repeats same thing every episode. Fans don’t like Kody. The only two that’s respected is Janelle and Christine. Yeah Kody and Meri want the shows income and Kody the wives. Time not to renew the show. It’s done. The breakdown should be the end.

  2. I feel like this is what Robyn and Cody wanted all along. Sh clearly is the favorite wife, and COVID put them in a position to separate from the family.

    1. Robyn is phoney. I don’t believe she cares a hoot about Meri or Jannel. She wanted to be the one legally married to that Nu t Kody, hence, the story to adopt Robyn’s kids. Merit should have figured that out.

      Jannel and Meri should RUN. Robyn needs a job. not a Nanny. Who’s paying for the Nanny? Robyn’s got it made, got the biggest house, got Kody, got a nanny and doesn’t work.
      Robyn might have a medical problem, she has an enormous neck!

      1. Robyn does not care about any of the other “ wives “ .
        There was no reason at all for her to have Merry and Kody divorce !
        Just a set up ….
        Everything was fine until her and her three kids stomped in .
        At this point her and Kody deserve each other … The Others are so much better than the situation ..

      2. Not even sure why she needs a nanny. Kody’s other wives had to rely on the older ones helping with the younger ones, why can’t she? Is she really to busy doing nothing or just to lazy to want to do it? She has 2 adult, one teen and 2 that are not even toddlers anymore. It was even said that she had Kody’s older ones helping her out with the 3 she had from the start of their relationship, then added 2 more. I did love Christine’s “Why the nanny?” They. ever got that luxury

    2. I believe they made a plan during Covid. They were together a lot. Don’t ever think Robyn is sweet and innocent. The problem they have now is the houses each wife bought. How can they get hold of money when sold. And selling the land.

  3. Kody is a certified narcissist. All of these women and children need to run as fast as they can. Christine is leading her best life, now. I hope that Janelle follows. Thank goodness that they are there for each other.
    Strong, smart, beautiful, independent women.. Setting an amazing example for their children.

    1. meri leave please and move on to a better life. C. did it u do it too J is on her way I’m sure. We all knew R was out to b the final one that was plain to see

  4. It pains me to see Meri stay It really does He continues to push her away and says mean things to her she deserves much more and Janelle can survive on her own Kody won’t have a show now with out the other 3 they should have a new show called life with out Kody I would definitely watch and I would not let him scam me out of money sell and keep your half of things ladies I hope TLC sees these comments and I’m so HAPPY for Christine she started the domino affect oh TLC we need to fast forward on sister wives y’all are almost a year behind

  5. I believe Meri will end up with that fruit cake fake husband. He deserves her and all the headaches 🤣. Crying 😭 sobbing Robyn needs to move on ahead. It’s been 😊 fun, but not real fun. Ten years is enough.

  6. Robin is a manipulative narcissistic train wreck. Show started going downhill the minute she sunk her claws into Kody! Her phony crocodile tears is like hearing someone rake their fingernails across the chalkboard. What’s really scary is her two oldest children meaning how long will it be before we notice that the rest of the children are mentally ill. She says that they have autism but that’s just an excuse! They are being held like prisoners inside the house where Robin and Kody use the excuse of Covid to keep the kids locked away from the public! Meri and Jenelle both need to run away from that mess and never look back!

  7. Has Cody been investigated as being a con man? Did any of this these women find it suspicious that Cody and Robin have their name on everybody’s property? Is the IRS monitoring all of these shenanigans?

  8. I think Meri is the one who loves him most, Jannel does also but they are getting tired of his stuff. He needs to get off his high horse and quit feeling like everyone is against him. Kody you open your eyes and get over the Catfishing. Get over yourself. Meri has hung in there since all that shit went down and still wants you. WOW!! Meri wants you.

  9. There all full of shit!! The whole stupid show, can’t believe actually watch this crap. Kody isn’t even good looking enough to have 4 women that want him and don’t get me started on his hair!!😂😂. I just would really like to know who has jobs and what they are. Meri move the hell on he doesn’t want you!! Cancel the show!!!

  10. Meri, gain some self-respect, you look pathetic… it’s painful. Stop hanging on to someone who clearly doesn’t want you. He’s insulting and disrespecting you on national television. The fact that you hypocritically keep insisting that you are happy is worse than just admitting defeat and getting on with your life, like Christine. Robyn is the only one that Kody has a husband/wife relationship with. So really is it a polygamist family, if there is only 1 real relationship in the bunch? It’s clear to the world that she is the only one that he loves, the others are just part of the clan. I hope Janelle follows suit. I don’t watch the show faithfully but from what I have been reading Robyn is living in her beautiful comfortable home with her man spending lots of time with her and looking for a nanny, while Janelle is living in a trailer!!! Truthfully, I wish they would all leave the narcissistic idiot.

  11. It’s time to end the show. The breakdown should be it. Meri insist she’s staying for the family. Kody said leave and marry someone else. lol. The sister wives never liked her. They tolerated her. Christine has every right to leave. It does not require anyones approval for that. Robyn’s opinion is unnecessary. Christine doesn’t need church approval ir classes. It’s not her faith. Kody advised Christine no intimacy or real marriage. When her income was leaving he was trying to get the proceeds from the sale of her home. The show is in jeopardy. Still he tells Meri get lost. Haha. Go to your B&B. No one likes her not even fans. She’s staying to be in tv and get the shoes income. She’s addicted to fame. No other reason. Janelle is the only one that respects Christine’s decision. The only cast members fans like is Christine and Janelle.

    Kody has the poorest excuses not to see kids. He’s not going to tolerate the RV. A excuse to not see Janelle or her kids. Horrible and ridiculous Covid rules. If not done he’s not visiting that home. More time with Robyn. The very opinionated compliant wife. This season breaking up is a great ending for the show.

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