Kody Brown Reportedly Seeks New Fourth Wife To Replace Meri

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Sister Wives fans know things aren’t great between Kody Brown and Meri, but does he want to replace her with a new fourth wife? The last few seasons of the show revealed that the Brown family isn’t exactly a single functioning unit anymore. Kody Brown spilled on the struggles of bouncing from house to house and wife to wife. Though, fans strongly suspected he spends most of his time with Robyn. If Kody and Meri Brown really do split up, does it make sense to bring a new fourth wife into this mess?

Wait, has Kody Brown already tried to replace Meri?

According to a recent report by Pop Culture, Kody Brown has expressed an interest in replacing Meri Brown with a new fourth wife. Now, the outlet is sourcing and reviving something that reportedly happened a few years ago. But, the story does mean that Kody Brown is — or at least was — interested in replacing Meri with a new fourth wife.

The original story from 2018 via InTouch Weekly, was spilled by an anonymous source close to the family. The source revealed that Kody Brown was courting a woman nearly half his age. The age gap might freak some Sister Wives fans out, but it made sense given the fact that Kody Brown admitted just last season he wanted more children. Presently, Kody Brown only has one wife who can even still have children. And, Robyn Brown made it clear she really isn’t interested in being pregnant again.

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Did the new potential fourth wife cause drama with Robyn?

Unsurprisingly, there were reports that the new potential fourth wife was a big problem for Robyn. The anonymous source revealed Kody had to be careful about how much time he spent with the young woman he was courting. Why? Because Robyn Brown had a pretty big issue with it. Sister Wives fans assume she was likely terrified of getting replaced as his “favorite” wife by someone younger and more attractive.

Now, as we mentioned previously, this alleged proposal is believed to have happened back in 2018. But, rumors that Kody is on the outs with most of his wives continue to swirl to this day. So, it would make sense that he would be interested in courting a few new wives.

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Did you know Kody Brown tried to replace Meri a few years ago with someone young and attractive? Do you think he’s going to continue to look for new wives? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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