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Where To Watch ‘Vinland Saga’ Season 2?

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Vinland Saga Season 2 brings back the Norse epic for anime fans that had been waiting for it after the first season ended on December 29, 2019. The adventure historical anime series’ initial story is set in 1013 AD England, mostly conquered by Sweyn Forkbeard, the Danish King. With the king on his deathbed, his sons Prince Canute and Prince Harald argue over succession. The story draws inspiration from historical accounts of certain periods like The Saga Of The Greenlanders, The Saga Of Erik The Red, and The Flateyjarbok.

So, when does the series release? Plus, where can anime fans watch the upcoming season? Keep reading for the details!

Netflix & Crunchyroll Will Stream Vinland Saga Season 2

Netflix and Crunchyroll have always been head-to-head when it comes to keeping their subscribers glued with some excellent anime content. Although Netflix plans to focus more on anime movies as compared to series, it has been officially confirmed that it will receive the Vinland Saga Season 2. However, it isn’t the only platform that will have the streaming rights to the upcoming season. Even Crunchyroll is onboard the Vinland Saga train that releases on January 9, 2023.

Vinland Saga Season 2 YouTube

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As per Slash Film, Crunchyroll will initially stream the second season for viewers outside of Asia. Exactly when Netflix will get the series is currently not known. However, as per the Netflix release schedule, the series will be streamed sequentially. This means the episodes will be available to subscribers on a weekly basis contrary to its binge model.

Vinland Saga Season 1 Is Currently Streaming On Netflix

The trailer featured the upcoming season’s opening title song by Anonymouz titled River. It also teased several details and key plot points from the forthcoming season. Season 2 will begin with Thorfinn working a slave life on a Danish farm after he fails to enact revenge on Askeladd. The new trailer also reveals the series’ second prime narrative which is the growing empire of King Canute.

Outside of Japan, Vinland Saga Season 1 was first released on Crunchyroll. Next, it moved to Prime Video after which it finally landed on Netflix. So, for anime fans that haven’t yet seen the first season, it’s currently available on the streaming platform.

Creator Makoto Yukimura Reveals His Inspiration For Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga Season 2 is produced by MAPPA animation studio which also produced Attack On Titan‘s final season and Jujutsu Kaisen. The series won several anime awards after its first season and is based on the manga series created by Makoto Yukimura.

Vinland Saga Season 2 YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As per the creator, the series is heavily inspired by the Vikings that he watched during his childhood. The manga is serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine starting April 2005. The English version of the manga is currently licensed by Kodansha USA.

Vinland Saga Season 2 YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Are you excited about the premiere of Vinland Saga Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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