Netflix’s Anime Production To Undergo Big Changes Soon

Netflix Anime Catalog

Netflix is doubling down on introducing big changes to its content creation strategies and soon, its anime catalog will get a makeover. However, this change might not be a great one for subscribers that love to binge on anime series. What is this change the streaming platform plans to implement? How does it affect the subscribers? Keep reading to find out the details!

Netflix Plans To Reduce Its Original Anime Series Production

As per Netflix’s Q3 earnings call, the streaming platform has bounced back from its losses. Not just that, the company also claims that it is the only profitable production company as compared to its competitors like Disney+. To keep itself profitable in the long run, the company now plans to change its anime production strategies.

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Apart from introducing cost-saving measures like ad-friendly memberships and charging for password sharing, Netflix will now reduce the number of anime series it produces in Japan. However, this doesn’t mean fans won’t get to see new titles on the streaming platform. Given how popular anime has been lately, it would be a bad move for Netflix to crop out its anime content. So, why would anime fans subscribe to the streaming platform?

Netflix Will Now Favor Anime Movies To Keep Users Hooked

Well, as opposed to investing in anime series, it will now focus more on anime movies to keep fans returning for more. The streaming service is now internally reviewing all its original anime series orders and favoring the ones that are movies. So, the number of projects being greenlit this year would be the same. However, the type of project would be different.

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As per ComicBook, an executive from an anime production company associated with Netflix said, “Not only has the number of projects that go through decreased but there are also cases where projects that were about to get started suddenly come to a halt, so the impact is serious. Several people involved in anime production have told similar stories, and Netflix is believed to be reducing the number of anime productions in Japan from 2022.”

Anime Series Fans Favor Weekly Episode Release Pattern

The timing of this big change aligns with the time when the membership numbers started to decline. Given that anime series take a longer time to produce and cost more, Netflix will now focus more on anime movies. Moreover, the company’s binge model causes fans to forget the streaming platform in less than a day. So, there is a high chance that anime fans won’t stay subscribed for more than a month given that they can watch it all in one go.

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Anime fans are accustomed to a weekly release pattern that keeps them glued for months. While Netflix won’t let go of its binge model, it is clear that it will keep the fans coming in for more with more anime movies.

Do you think Netflix focusing more on anime movies as opposed to series is a good move? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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