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When Does Netflix’s ‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4 Premiere?

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Netflix’s The Dragon Prince anime returns for its much-awaited fourth season. The series is gearing up for the launch with the first look at Season 4 episode titles. Produced by Wonderstorm, this original animated series gears up for the second half of a saga that is slated to last for seven seasons. Fans of this fantasy-action adventure series are curious to watch how the first arc develops the storyline within the franchise. Not just that, the series also hints at a possible time skip for fans to keep track of.

So, when does The Dragon Prince premiere on Netflix? Keep reading to find out the details!

The Dragon Prince Announces Nine Episodes For Season 4

The upcoming season will trail the Mystery Of Aaravos arc and will premiere on November 3, 2022. It will have a total of nine episodes the details of which were tweeted by The Dragon Prince’s official Twitter account.

Talking about the premise of Season 4, series creators Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz said, “I will say this: Wouldn’t it be great if returning an egg to a mother that lost their egg or returning the baby dragon could cause world peace? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, it’s a step in the right direction, but the conflicts and complications of Xadia are deep, and I think you can probably speculate about different characters who have different levels of idealism and believe that change should come quickly.”

Season 4 Of The Netflix Anime Returns After Three-Year Hiatus

The Dragon Prince first premiered on Netflix on September 2018 and has earned critical acclaim for its themes, story, animation, vocal performances, and humor. Season 2 premiered on February 2019 followed by Season 3 on November 2019.

The Dragon Prince YouTube Netflix

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However, the upcoming season comes after a three-year hiatus. As per ComicBook, the series has been renewed for three more seasons making it a total of seven. The series has also inspired a video game that is currently in development.

What Is Netflix’s The Dragon Prince Anime About?

This Netflix original anime series is set in the fantasy world of the continent named Xadia. The continent is rich in magic which is derived from six sources: Sun, Moon, Earth, Stars, Sky, and Ocean. The elves, dragons, and humans used to co-exist peacefully in Xadia.

The Dragon Prince YouTube Netflix

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However, the humans didn’t have the capability to utilize magic naturally and started using dark magic to their benefit. However, the life essence of Xadia’s magical creatures fueled the dark magic. As a result, humans are now forced to settle in the west. Moreover, their continent is divided into two by a massive lava river.

A millennium later, the dragon king, Avizandum is killed by the human king, Harrow Of Katolis. With the elves, dragons, and humans now at each other’s heads, will there ever be peace in Xadia? For the details, fans have to wait for the premiere of The Dragon Prince Season 4.

The Dragon Prince YouTube Netflix

[Source: YouTube]

Are you looking forward to watching the upcoming Netflix anime series? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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