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‘The Dragon Prince’ Goes Grand With Latest Season 4 Trailer

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Netflix’s The Dragon Prince recently released its Season 4 trailer. It sees Callum, Rayla, and Ezran all set to take over their biggest nemesis yet. The trailer also focuses on how the elf manipulates the dark wizard Viren. A lot of details of the upcoming season aren’t out yet. However, viewers can expect that the protagonists of the show will be back this season. Plus, they will venture on their journey to defeat the evil Aaravos.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Is Back After 3 Year Hiatus

Additionally, the trailer also hinted that the protagonists will put in their all to stop the spread of malevolence across Xadia. It’s the fantasy world in which this story is set in. The Dragon Prince Season 3 premiered on November 22, 2019, with all 9 episodes in one go. Ever since then, the show has been on hiatus. Now that Season 4 is all set to premiere, fans are now pushing for more information about the upcoming series.

The Dragon Prince YouTube Netflix

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But while the anime series was on a hiatus, the franchise did grow a lot with several board games, video games, comic books, and novels. As per, some of these will also help set the storyline for the upcoming episodes and the story arc.

Through The Moon Novel Is The Buffer Between Season 3 & 4

For fans looking for some extra flavor from the series, the co-creator Aaron Ehasz explained that the novel Through The Moon will fill the buffer between Season 3 and 4.

The Dragon Prince YouTube Netflix

[Source: YouTube]

Ehasz noted, “It is very helpful to have read Through The Moon but we’ve taken into account that some people will not have read and they’re going to need some explanation. Does it hit the ground running? Yeah! It’s the same big story but there’s a new, specific thing that becomes clear in the issue pretty quickly. I’m being vague because I can’t spoil too much..”

Netflix Renews The Dragon Prince For Four More Seasons

In terms of the series’ future, the creative team had a lot of stories to tell through a few more seasons. And, the good news for fans is, Netflix recently confirmed that the show has been renewed for four more seasons. These additional seasons will help dive deeper into the Xadia narrative. Talking about the new seasons, Ehasz said, “We have things that are quite far down that we had planned on and when we initially met with Netflix, they gave us a limited order, to begin with, but still quite a commitment.”

The Dragon Prince YouTube Netflix

[Source: YouTube]

He also elaborated that in case Netflix wouldn’t have approved the upcoming seasons, the story would still be out for the fans, just not through the animated series. The show’s narrative would have been via the novels. The Dragon Prince Season 4 is slated to premiere on Netflix in November. However, no official date has been announced yet.

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