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‘Beastars’ Anime Won’t Return To Netflix After Season 3?

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Ever since Netflix’s Beastars Season 2 ended in March 2021, fans have been waiting for the next one. And, yes the good news is here! The popular anime series has been renewed for a third season but it won’t return to the streaming platform. But, why is that? Why won’t the anime series return to Netflix? Keep reading to find out the reason!

Studio Orange Confirms Renewal Of Beastars For A Third Season

Beastars, the internationally licensed Japanese anime, is also a Netflix Original. The series is based on a manga of the same name authored by Paru Itagaki. Although this anime is among the controversial lineups on the streaming platform, it enjoys a similar scale of popularity among fans. The series took longer than expected but it is officially confirmed that Beastars is renewed for Season 3. The news was announced to the public by Studio Orange.

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However, there is an issue with the renewal that might not be great news for fans. Sadly, the studio also informed fans that this will be the last season of the series. Given that this is the final season of the anime, it is expected that it will cover the leftover arcs from the manga.

What Will Beastars Season 3 Comprise Of?

Beastars Season 3 will cover Chapters 100 to 123 (Interspecies Relations) and Chapters 124 to 196 (Revenge Of The Love Failure). As per What’s On Netflix, the final season will also explore the events that take place after Legoshi’s legendary fight with Riz. It is a known fact that the anime did skip some of the content from the manga in Episode 24. This comprises the storyline that happens between moments after Riz was defeated & after Legoshi had a chat with Haru. So, it is certain that Season 2 will start with the events after Legoshi’s fights. However, there is also a chance that the story might arrive as flashbacks.

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This will allow the makers to fit in more of the story in the final season and justify the manga. Also, Legoshi will have a hard time exploring society after he decides to leave school & explore his independence. While Louis is recovering from the loss of his foot, his father will plan out his future which includes deciding on the university he is meant to attend. Ultimately, Louis won’t be returning as a leader for The Shishigumi.

Haru Still Struggles With Her Emotions For Legoshi

While this happens, Haru continues to navigate her confusing friendship/relationship with Legoshi. Haru is still fearful to take the next step with Legoshi given her concern about his predatory instincts.

Beastars YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As of now, 100 chapters from the manga have received an anime adaptation in Seasons 1 and 2. This leaves a total of 96 chapters left to go. This is a lot for just one season to cover while justifying the precedent set by the previous seasons.

So, what do you think of Season 3 ending the story for Netflix’s Beastars? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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