‘Sister Wives’: Did Christine Brown Sell Her Flagstaff House?

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Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 7 highlighted the discussion between Christine Brown and Kody Brown regarding her house in Flagstaff, Arizona. As Ysabel will soon move to college and Christine will move to Utah with Truely, the 50-year-old has the decision to make. So, has she already sold her Flagstaff house or plans to do so soon? Keep reading to find out the details!

Christine Brown Doesn’t Plan On Selling The Flagstaff House

In the aforementioned episode, the estranged couple sits down to discuss the plans regarding the house. The mother of six informs Kody, “We’re moving and keeping this house.” Given that the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t allow her daughter Gwendlyn to move into a dorm, the Flagstaff house will give her a place to stay. Moreover, it will also be easier for Christine to come back for visits to Flagstaff once she moves to Utah with her youngest child.

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Despite their differences, Kody resonates with the idea of not selling the house and the added convenience. He says, “That’s actually probably a really good idea.”

So, who gets a say on whether the house should be sold or not? Does Kody have any rights to the property?

Kody Brown Was Removed From The Flagstaff House Deed

Originally, Christine and Kody purchased the Flagstaff property in September 2018. As per The Sun, the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home was purchased for $520,000. The 2400-square-foot house is on a 2.5-acre lot with magnetic views of the surrounding mountains. While the original deed had both their names, in August 2020, he was removed from the same. After this, Christine remained the sole owner of the Flagstaff house.

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However, given that the series was shot months ago, it seems like Christine had a change of heart. The house was listed on Realtor for $725,000. It stayed in the market for a couple of months after which it was sold below the listed price for $700,000 on October 8, 2021. Fans are now speculating that the reality star used to money towards her new house in Murray, Utah, which she purchased for $1.1 Million. She currently resides in the house with Truely.

Christine Brown Denies Using The Money For Coyote Pass

While Kody did agree with Christine’s idea of not selling the property, he also wished for Christine to put the money towards paying off the pending payment for Coyote Pass. This would allow Janelle to build herself a home on the property.

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However, Christine didn’t seem on board with the idea and said in a confessional, “If I’m going to sell my house, I’m going to keep the proceeds from selling my house. And put it towards the next house that I purchase. So if I sell, I’m not gonna put that money into Coyote Pass.”

Now that Christine is separated from the family, putting money into the family property doesn’t really make any sense. However, Kody feels that the house belongs to everyone in the family since he was the one who made the downpayment for the house.
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Yet, Christine disagrees stating, “I’ve been making every payment on this house, everyone. So no, I won’t be giving him any of the money from the sale of my house. My name is the only name on this house. So legally, I get to make all the decisions.”

Do you think Christine did right by selling the Flagstaff house? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on RLC.

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