Lisa Rinna Poses With Gun, Sends Threat?

Lisa Rinna [The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]

Lisa Rinna is under fire once again for her latest social media post. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she’s been on the defense of her behavior during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12. However, fans think she’s burning bridges with Bravo with her online behavior.

There’s been a grave concern with her alleged Instagram post, in which she poses with a gun and sends a serious threat. This comes amid the ever-growing calls for Rinna’s firing from the show. This season has fans wanting a cast shakeup. Read on to learn more and to see the photo in question for yourself.

Lisa Rinna [The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]
[The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]

Did the Bravo star pose with a gun?

If you blinked, you missed it. Lisa Rinna has been posting non-stop on her Instagram Story. Some fans noticed that she allegedly posted a selfie of herself holding a gun. She smiled as she pointed it in the air. It’s unclear when Rinna took this photo and why she took it in the first place.

She allegedly wrote across the photo: “When I find me patrick s.” She also included the kiss and lipstick emojis. Lisa Rinna has since removed the photo from her Instagram Story after it caught heat on social media. You can see the photo for yourself in the tweets below.

The Bravo fans shared the proof that they weren’t lying. The photo wasn’t mocked up to look as if Lisa Rinna shared it on her Instagram Story. Even the fan account FaceReality16 re-posted the now-deleted post on their Instagram Story. The fans agree that Rinna took things too far this time around. She’s threatening someone because she may have gotten fired from the show.

However, that hasn’t been confirmed yet. There have only been rumors that Season 12 of RHOBH is Rinna’s last season. During BravoCon 2022, Andy Cohen told fans to wait until this season plays out. So far, there is no proof that confirms that Rinna lost her diamond.

Who is Lisa Rinna threatening?

Fans wanted to who the post was about. Lisa Rinna allegedly threatened Patrick Somers, who is a marketing manager. He previously claimed that he and Rinna created the feud with Kathy Hilton. Back in June 2022, Patrick shared on Instagram that they teamed up to take her co-star down.

Lisa Rinna [The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]
[The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]
“It’s not true. Kathy Hilton did not have any involvement,” he said in his Instagram video. “It was strictly me and Lisa Rinna concocting this plan. It just went south really fast and so did our friendship. We’re no longer friends.”

However, sources close to Rinna claim she’s never been associated with Patrick. She even denied it on her Instagram Story. During that time, RHOBH fans accused her of doxxing his personal information. On Sunday, October 23, Patrick confirmed that Lisa Rinna’s alleged gun selfie and threat were about him in his Instagram Story.

What’s next for the RHOBH star?

Patrick revealed that he doesn’t want to stoop to Lisa Rinna’s level. He deleted his previous Instagram Stories about the situation. He doesn’t want to attract hate on his platform. Understandably, Patrick is shaken up by Rinna’s alleged Instagram Story.

“Yes, I have absolutely seen Lisa Rinna’s Story about me. It’s concerning, alarming, and terrifying,” Patrick wrote. “I have deleted all of my stories about the situation as I will not share pure hate on my platform.”

Patrick Somers Shares Statement [Patrick Somers | Instagram Stories]
[Patrick Somers | Instagram Stories]
He thanked his followers for their support. Parick hopes that Bravo fans will use this moment to “speak up and use your voice.” Fans have been sharing copies of Rinna’s Instagram Story on Twitter and Reddit. They’re hoping this will be the one thing that gets her fired from the show.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this will get Lisa Rinna fired? Or, do you think Bravo will pretend not to acknowledge it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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