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‘RHOBH’ Cast Shakeup, Lisa Rinna Fired?

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Will Lisa Rinna get the boot from RHOBH? Fans are dying to know. They will get the answers to their burning questions after 2022 BravoCon wraps up and Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills officially ends on Wednesday, October 26. Rinna made her grand entrance at the three-day convention.

She reportedly left the event early. The reality star didn’t even have her own meet-and-greet booth, where she could promote her ventures Rinna Beauty and Rinna Rosé. What also happened is that fans booed her during a RHOBH panel. She flipped off the crowd after they gave her a cold response.

Andy Cohen, Lisa Rinna & Maren Morris [Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]
[Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]

Andy Cohen teases RHOBH cast shakeup

At 2022 BravoCon, Andy Cohen admits there is an RHOBH cast shakeup. He spoke to Us Weekly about what has been taking place behind the scenes. Andy says that he’s “had the conversations internally” about who could leave the show. Fans are holding out hope that Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne will be just two of the stars to leave the show.

“I think that cast shakeups are always in the offing for any season, for any city,” Andy explained to Us Weekly. “It’s a conversation that we always have. It’s the reason that this franchise been going for 16 years. We like to keep it fresh and we consider everything.”

RHOBH fans have been the most vocal about Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna. Some feel that Erika is overrated. RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville feels that Erika doesn’t bring the glamour or drama anymore. Even Kathy Hilton’s daughter Paris Hilton agrees with the growing calls to fire the Pretty Mess author. She even wants to see Rinna and Kyle Richards gone.

Lisa Rinna WWHL Look [Lisa Rinna | Instagram]
[Lisa Rinna | Instagram]

Is Lisa Rinna having the discussion?

Lisa Rinna spoke to reporters before she left BravoCon. She said she will agree to leave the reality series only if it’s a “mutual” decision. Her future with the show is up in the air at the moment.

“Well, [a departure] may happen, but you won’t put me on pause. It would be a mutual decision,” Lisa Rinna told Us Weekly on Friday, October 14. “You know what I mean? Life, you know, it, life happens. Whatever is meant to be, will be. And that’s how I always look at things.”

Rinna referred to her line from the Season 12 RHOBH reunion where she asked the producers to put her “on pause” from the show. Bravo fans may know that she took that line from Dorinda Medley, who said on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl’s Trip that Bravo put her “on pause.” Rinna called this past season a “difficult” one for everyone, including herself.

Fans beg Andy Cohen to fire Lisa Rinna

On Friday, Bravo fans begged Andy Cohen to fire Lisa Rinna during a panel. Some of the fans who attended the event overheard the conversation. Andy told the fan to “let the reunions play out.” He also said that he loves Rinna as the villain of the show.

What are your thoughts? Do you think RHOBH needs a cast shakeup? Should Lisa Rinna get fired? Sound off below in the comment section.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 reunion airs on Bravo on Wednesday, October 19 at 8 p.m. ET.

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  1. Rinna needs to go! She is awful and has worn out her welcome with the majority of fans. She is a vile, backstabbing, villainous human being. Bully’s aren’t fun to watch and I will be changing the channel if I have to see her face on the show next season. Goodbye Rinna!

    1. I can’t believe everyone is goi g after Rinna and people believe Kathy is good?? Are you kidding me? Both of these ladies are in the wrong. Kathy has definitely got some mental issues she’s trying to keep covered up. With Rinna one can see she has issues. She’s not trying to hide them but Hilton has the money and power to do so. Wow just Wow!!! How blind people can be!! Both these ladies are in the wrong but the only one being looked at is Rinna?? You all need to open your eyes!! Your being manipulated by money and power. Hilton is as bad as Rinna…….. Hilton is scarier because she has the assets and power to cover her crazy. Think of the family dynamics. There’s always issues and it’s not with Kyle it’s her sisters. Rinna did bully and she was harsher this season than previous ones but she’s vocal. The quiet one is the scary one!!! Both ladies are wrong!!!Open your eyes people!!!!!!

  2. Fire Lisa she acts racist and she has a mean girl spirit. I believe she is a fake when she tries to show emotion when she is called out for her bad behavior.

  3. Please , please fire Lisa Rinna.
    There is a big group of us who watch the show and we all agree Lisa should be fired. She is a terrible person, very sneaky and not worth us wasting our time being disgusted by her. Hate is a strong word but that is how the majority of fans feel about her. We see so much bullying and hatred going on in this country that you don’t need to add to it. People need to be held accountable.

  4. I watch 3 of the housewives showes, Beverly Hills, Orange County + New York and I must say I have been totally disgusted with rhinna, Erika + kyles behaviour this season. Rhinna and Erika are so up each other’s asses u don’t know where 1 begins and the other 1 ends, they have benn nothing but bullies for the whole season. Kyle is so false it’s laughable, since vanderpump has left she thinks she is the queen of the show and can say and do anything she wants. She has been a vile friend to Sutton all through the season for no apparent reason.
    In my opinion Sutton, Garcelle bring the most to the show.

  5. Please fire Rinna. She appears to enjoy hurting other women. She is a bully and her hateful behavior has ruined the show. RHOBH went downhill when she came onboard.
    I really like Garcelle and Sutton, but will boycott if Rinna is still there next season. Rinna has made RHOBH dark and disturbing. Watching women be bullied is not entertaining.

  6. I was a Rinna fan before the end of this season. While she definitely made mistakes in other seasons, they were a lot more forgivable than what she did this year to Kyle Kathy. She showed herself in the worst possible light and is no longer watchable.

    I do believe Kathy has serious issues that should have kept her away from national television- it was a mistake to add her to the cast even as a friend. And the level of scapegoating Kyle has to endure from both her sisters is heart wrenching to see.

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