Lisa Rinna Loses Publicist Amid Firing Rumors?

Lisa Rinna Takes Selfie In Restaurant [Lisa Rinna | Instagram]

Lisa Rinna lost her publicist. This comes amid the rumors that she’s been fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Fans have been calling for her firing for years, but the cries got louder this past season. Some of them traveled to BravoCon 2022 to boo the reality star and ask for her to lose her diamond.

At the event, Andy Cohen responded to a fan who called for her to be fired. He told the person to wait until the rest of the season plays out. In the meantime, there are rumors about the Bravo star’s future on the show. While that’s still unclear, Rinna had to part ways with her publicist.

Diana Jenkins, Erika Jayne & Lisa Rinna [Lisa Rinna | Instagram]
[Lisa Rinna | Instagram]

Lisa Rinna breaks up with her publicist

On Wednesday, October 19, an insider confirmed to that Lisa Rinna and her publicist had a “mutual parting of ways.” This comes after Bravo fans asked her to be fired at last weekend’s event. One fan asked for the RHOBH star to be fired during the panel. The person asked Andy Cohen when it was going to happen.

“Let the reunions play out, okay? Everyone can regroup…” Andy responded. “She’s in the building, okay?”

However, that didn’t stop the fans from booing Lisa Rinna at that same event. She told Entertainment Tonight that she loved it. The soap star felt like she finally made it. She felt like a WWE wrestler.

Lisa Rinna [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
“I got booed. And I flicked them off. That’s what I did. I got booed and then I flicked them off,” Lisa Rinna explained to Entertainment Tonight that weekend. “But I’ll tell you what, it was so fun. I loved it so much. Everyone was so worried for me and I was like, ‘Why are you worried? It’s fabulous. I’m like a wrestler. I’m like WME.'”

The reality star reportedly left the event early. It’s also unclear whether she lost the publicist that attended the BravoCon 2022 with her, or if she got a different one during that time. Fans noticed that Rinna had a new publicist with her.

RHOBH star is rallying for support

Lisa Rinna has been rallying for support. She’s gathered the tweets from her fans and shared them non-stop on her Instagram Story. Rinna also shared a stern message to fans. She warned them that the “truth will come out.”

The television personality also insisted that she doesn’t play games. She doesn’t care what kind of names people call her. Rinna continues to post online despite the cries for her firing. What are your thoughts on her publicist dropping her? Sound off below in the comment section.

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