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Lisa Rinna Goes On Defense, Mentions Paris Hilton’s Abuse

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Lisa Rinna is going on the defense. She’s been hit with rumors that she could lose her diamond after Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills plays out. Rinna claims that she would only leave on mutual terms. There are also rumors suggesting that she’s asking for a higher paycheck.

In the meantime, she continues to make headlines for her bad behavior on the show. On part two of the RHOBH Season 12 reunion, host Andy Cohen brought up Rinna’s wild Instagram posts. She admits that she can’t stop herself sometimes. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she’s been sharing messages from the fans who still support her this season. In a now-deleted post, she also brought up Paris Hilton’s abuse.

Lisa Rinna [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Andy Cohen mentions controversial Instagram posts

Lisa Rinna was finally in the hot seat during the RHOBH Season 12 reunion. Host Andy Cohen called her online behavior “aggressive” and “unacceptable.” She hasn’t won fans over with her behavior on the show. However, it has translated into her social media and real life.

During the episode, Andy addressed Lisa Rinna’s social media posts. The producers showed some of them during the segment. He called them “disastrous.” The reality star admitted that she is a “mess” when it comes to social media. She doesn’t feel they’re bad when she first writes them.

Kathy Hilton [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
“Well… I don’t necessarily think I’m doing something when I first do it that’s bad,” Lisa Rinna explained her online behavior. “And sometimes I’m like, ‘F***.’ I’m impulsive, we all know that. I am a work in progress. I’m gonna get better, I will. I get better and then I’m not. Just give me a chance.”

Earlier in the show, she confirmed that she’s been seeing a therapist, but only to get through her grief. This came after a fan asked the Bravo star about using her mother’s grief as a “scapegoat” for her “despicable” behavior. Fans slammed Rinna for screaming at Sutton Stracke earlier this season.

Lisa Rinna gets backlash for a post about Kathy Hilton

The Rinna Beauty founder doesn’t want to slow down her crazy social media posts. She took to her Instagram Stories to share supportive messages from her fans. One of the posts mentioned Kathy Hilton’s daughter Paris Hilton, who has openly talked about the abuse she faced at Provo Canyon School.

Kathy sent her to the institution for behavioral problems when she was a teen. Lisa shared a fan’s tweet who mentioned Kathy not taking accountability for the abuse that her daughter faced at the hands of the school.

“Kathy to Lisa: You’re the biggest bully in Hollywood. Me to Kathy: You’re the mother that had her daughter kidnapped in the middle of the night which led her to being abused, r*ped, and you never apologized to her when she confronted you about it!” the reposted tweet read.

Lisa Rinna Mentions Paris Hilton's Abuse [Lisa Rinna | Instagram Stories]
[Lisa Rinna | Instagram Stories]
Fans slammed Lisa Rinna for sharing the insensitive tweet to her Instagram Story. Some called her a “hypocrite” after saying children were “off limits” during the RHOBH Season 2 reunion. Rinna has since removed the post from her Instagram Story. However, she continues to post on Instagram, this time with selfies of herself.

What are your thoughts on Lisa Rinna’s Instagram posts? Do you think she should take a break from social media? Or, do you think she should defend herself? Sound off below in the comment section.

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