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Lisa Rinna‘s Shocking Demands As Viewers Call For Her Head

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Flaunting a net worth of $65 Million, Lisa Rinna is no doubt loaded. Plus, the reality star sure knows how to negotiate her worth. Given how controversially popular she is, Lisa has reportedly demanded a shocking pay to be a part of the upcoming RHOBH season. Although fans have apparently slammed the star and feel that she shouldn’t be a part of the show, this salary hike demand comes out of the blue.

Lisa Rinna Wants To Be The Highest Paid Bravo Housewife

Currently, the 59-year-old is renegotiating her ongoing contract with Bravo and is expecting a big number. As per an insider, Lisa has said that she won’t return to RHOBH unless she is the highest-paid cast member on the show. According to the source, “At this point, Bravo needs Lisa more than Lisa needs Bravo. She was a star before Bravo and will be a star long after Bravo too.”

Lisa Rinna YouTube RHOBH

[Source: YouTube]

“Lisa knows her worth and knows how to negotiate. Only Lisa is willing to call their bluff and walk away if she doesn’t get the deal she wants. While the other ladies are frightened to upset Andy [Cohen], Lisa is fearless. She’s not frightened of him or anyone else,” explained the insider.

How Much Is Lisa Rinna Seeking For Her Bravo Stint?

Yet, how much is Lisa really asking for her appearance in the show? As per The Sun, Lisa is reportedly seeking about $2 Million per season. Currently, the highest paid Bravo housewives are in RHOA with Kandi Burruss being paid just under $2 Million. Lisa hasn’t yet signed any deal with Bravo and negotiations are still on.

Lisa Rinna YouTube RHOBH

[Source: YouTube]

Love it or hate it but Lisa is a big part of RHOBH. Recently, fans slammed the Days Of Our Lives star as a ‘snake’ and ‘liar’ after she accused her co-star Kathy Hilton of something unforgivable. Lisa alleged that Kathy went into a mad rampage in Aspen, Colorado, while they weren’t filming. In a confessional, Lisa said, “We get in the sprinter van and Kathy starts screaming about everything. And she’s saying things like, ‘I’m gonna take down NBC, Bravo, I will take down the show, single-handedly. I will ruin you all.”

Lisa Rinna YouTube RHOBH

[Source: YouTube]

She even revealed that Kathy went berserk and took off her glasses, broke them, and even started pounding the walls. Later on, Lisa claimed that she is just putting on a brave face but Kathy’s actions have traumatized her and she is feeling the symptoms of PTSD.

RHOBH Fans Dub Lisa A Liar & A Snake

However, fans didn’t believe her as one wrote on Twitter, “Here come the lies….”

“PTSD? Seriously Rinna? You’re overplaying your hand, and you just look like a liar,” commented another.

A third wrote, “Kathy should have never got in the car with Rinna cuz she is a liar and a snake.”

Regardless, fans would never know whether what Lisa described actually happened. Do you think Lisa is a liar? More so, does she deserve a pay hike? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch RHOBH Wednesdays on Bravo.

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