Heather Dubrow Breaks Silence Amid Big Move & Split Rumors

Heather Dubrow Closet Selfie [Heather Dubrow | Instagram]

Terry and Heather Dubrow sold their $55 million home. RHOC fans think it’s a clue that they are going their separate ways. The two have been the center of divorce rumors ever since Heather returned to Season 16. They even showed off their mansion on the Bravo show.

On the heels of her big return, Heather gave a tour of her lavish home with her co-stars and the viewers at home. It was one of the longest tours in the history of the show. She has since “downgraded” to a humble condominium, which is unlike her. Fans want to know what this means for the Dubrow’s.

Heather & Terry Dubrow With Their Kids [Heather Dubrow | Instagram]
[Heather Dubrow | Instagram]

Did Heather Dubrow split from Terry?

Rumors are swirling that Terry and Heather Dubrow are headed for divorce court. The couple sold their $55 million mansion. The skincare aficionados are settling for a condo. They moved out of Orange County to Beverly Hills, California. This has some wondering if Heather wants to score a diamond on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Per Entertainment Tonight, Terry and Heather Dubrow sold their 22,000-square-foot home on Friday, October 21. They’re opting for a quaint condo. However, some fans wonder who’s really living in the condo. They think this is the couple’s way of quietly splitting.

Heather Dubrow Snaps RHOC Reunion Selfie [Heather Dubrow | Instagram]
[Heather Dubrow | Instagram]
However, it’s possible that the couple wants to “downgrade” since their kids moved out of their home. The report ended up on the Best of Bravo Instagram account. Many of the RHOC fans took to the Instagram post to react to the news. Some of them are shocked to learn that Terry and Heather Dubrow are leaving the lavish lifestyle behind.

  • “Prediction — they get divorced.”
  • “Is anybody else weirded out by this and feels like something is up?”
  • “I feel like going from a mansion to a penthouse is odd.”
  • “What?? Doesn’t sound right they just finished that!!! Probs breaking up!!!”
  • “Can’t afford it or divorce. Possibly both.”

RHOC star breaks silence on split rumors

Heather Dubrow broke her silence amid the split rumors. She told Entertainment Tonight why they wanted to move. What’s shocking is that the couple worked on that mansion for several years. They showed the completion of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 16. However, Heather said that she felt it was time for them to move on.

“I’m in a very transitional stage in my family’s life with two kids off to college and the third not that far behind — and then the fourth not that far behind that. You know Terry and I have been having lots of conversations about what’s happening next with us,” Heather Dubrow admitted to ET Online. “What I would say is, just like when you first get married and you’re having those conversations about where you’re gonna go, what you’re gonna do with your lives, we’re kind of having like a second moment of that.”

Terry & Heather Dubrow Hold Hands [Heather Dubrow | Instagram]
[Heather Dubrow | Instagram]
It appears that the couple is at a crossroads of sorts in their own lives. They want to figure out the next step as their kids find themselves in the world. She quashed the split rumors with an Instagram photo of them holding hands. They’re just determining the next step in their lives together.

Other fans wonder if Heather Dubrow will still be part of RHOC. There was a cast shakeup after Noelle Bergener left the show. Some wonder if Heather will return for another season of The Real Housewives of Orange County or if she’ll end up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What are your thoughts on their move? Sound off below in the comment section.

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