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‘RHOC’: Did Heather Dubrow & Hubby Come Back Just To Flex Their Wealth?

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Some Real Housewives of Orange County fans are not thrilled with the return of Heather Dubrow in Season 16. There has been a lot of discussion among the fans revealing that many are just not liking Heather’s attitude this season.

So far many viewers are feeling like Season 16 of RHOC is nothing but the Heather Dubrow show and they are getting tired of it already. According to The Heavy, thus far practically everything is revolving around Heather. Fans claim that since her return Dubrow has an attitude and has done nothing but flaunt her wealth, rubbing the other wives’ faces in it.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Heather Dubrow’s Attitude And Behavior Blasted By Fans

Sure Heather and her husband Terry Dubrow have a lot of money, it is easy to see. Their wealth has been revealed nonstop since episode one of season 16. Her mansion is incredible, and at first, fans enjoyed getting a look at how the Dubrows live. However, so far there has not been an episode that has gone by that Heather has not talked about how much money she has, or what her family is spending it on. This is starting to rub some viewers the wrong way.

It really began to show within the fan comments following the infamous $36,000 dinner party thrown by Heather. Drama broke out among Shannon Beador and Heather, causing Dubrow to abruptly end the dinner party well before guests began to partake in the expensive feast. The catered dinner was tossed into the garbage and fans were immediately put off by the waste.

‘RHOC’ Terry and Heather Dubrow Beyond Rich?

Not only are fans angered by the waste of money and food, in last week’s episode, the Cabo trip had fans reeling. Heather mentions just how she and Terry are buying ANOTHER house in Cabo and takes the women off on a private plane for a vacation.

“I think they [Heather and Terry] came back for the fame and to accumulate even more wealth. They both have enormous egos,” writes one commenter.

“30 grand of Nobu wasted while many people are losing their jobs due to the pandemic,” adds another.

“They absolutely came back to flex their wealth and it’s not landing as it did previously. Lots of people struggling and it is absolutely repulsive to throw away that much food and brag about your house. She doesn’t realize this because she is out of touch,” adds a third.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Flaunting Wealth Leads To Big Problems

“She may want to rethink showboating her money and possessions around that did not end well for RHOBH‘s Dorit Kemsley or Kim Kardashian. Both celebrities have been robbed and lucky to come away with their lives,” warns one more.

However, not all viewers feel the same about Heather Dubrow. Some claim it is interesting to get a look at how the other side lives and the things that they can afford to spend money on that the majority of people can’t.

“I’m glad she is back! I want to see more of her wealth. More, more, more! Spend money!!” claims another.

What are your thoughts? Did Heather and Terry Dubrow come back to flex their wealth? The RHOC Season 16 airs Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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