Kelly Dodd Makes SHOCKING Allegation About Heather Dubrow’s Marriage

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RHOC alum Kelly Dodd hits back at Heather Dubrow by making a shocking allegation about her former co-star’s marriage.

Kelly Dodd still resents Bravo firing her?

Following Season 15, Bravo opted not to bring Kelly Dodd back for another season. The firing came after a slew of offensive remarks about the coronavirus pandemic, including equating thousands of deaths to ‘God thinning the herd.”

While Kelly Dodd may not be onscreen, she has been keeping up with Season 16 of RHOC. She often posts about the show’s declining ratings and calls the show boring without her.

Her frenemy Heather Dubrow returned for Season 16 after several years’ absence. This has reignited the feud between the two. Kelly Dodd often takes potshots at her former co-star.

However, what she’s saying now might put her in legal jeopardy once again.

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Heather Dubrow/Credit: Bravo YouTube

RHOC Season 16 reunion turns explosive between Shannon Beador and co-star

Without Kelly Dodd to fight with, Heather has butted heads with newbie Noella Bergener. However, during the upcoming Season 16 reunion, Dubrow says something extremely upsetting for Shannon Beador.

Reality Blurb posted on Instagram that Heather Dubrow claims to have known that Shannon’s ex-husband, David Beador, was cheating on her.

The fallout of his affair played out on Season 10 of the Bravo show. Shannon and David Beador ultimately divorced in 2019.

Heather Dubrow reportedly claims she could have blown up her co-star’s life by telling her about the affair.

Kelly Dodd makes SHOCKING allegation about Heather Dubrow’s marriage

Kelly Dodd saw Reality Blurb‘s post and had to drop a comment. She made a shocking accusation about Heather and Terry Dubrow’s marriage. 

According to Dodd, the plastic surgeon was “banging his office assistant” for years and everyone in town knew it. Allegedly, she added. The RHOC alum joked that she didn’t want to get sued for the third time by the couple.

Kelly Dodd comment on Reality Blurb Instagram

Earlier this year, Kelly Dodd made the claim that she caught COVID from one of Heather Dubrow’s kids. However, when Heather threatened legal action, Kelly backtracked on the allegation.

However, Dodd hasn’t backtracked about her allegation about the Dubrow marriage.

Do you think Kelly Dodd’s allegation about Terry having an affair is true? Or is she just saying that to rile her former friend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss the explosive two-part RHOC reunion. Part one airs on Wednesday, April 20, with part two to follow the following Wednesday, only on Bravo.

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