Kelly Dodd Claims Bravo Is ‘Scrambling’ To Make Heather Dubrow Likable

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Kelly Dodd is claiming that Bravo is “scrambling” in the editing department to make Heather Dubrow more likable.  Heather is back after a five-year hiatus from her first tenure on Real Housewives of Orange County. Ever since coming back Heather has been a focal point for Kelly. Is Heather really that unpopular with fans? According to Kelly’s source, it’s a real problem for the show.

Kelly Says Heather Will Be Heavily Edited

Much discussion surrounds the feud between Kelly and Heather. Kelly and her husband, Rick Leventhal, aren’t afraid to share their thoughts. On their YouTube channel, Rick and Kelly UNMASKED, the subject of Heather emerged. Neither Kelly nor Rick spill too much. Nonetheless, it’s clear maybe someone is funneling information to Kelly.


Who Is Telling Kelly That Heather Is Being Edited?

Kelly Dodd and her husband laughed at the notion of so much editing on Heather. Both asked their viewing audience, “How can they possibly do that?” Basically, it’s unknown if Heather is so disliked by fans that it’s gone to this extreme. The idea of editing someone that much would mean changing other aspects of the show. If it’s true she’s “alienating” people on the show “left and right,” is editing going to help? It’s still early in the season and Heather is reclaiming her spot on the show.

Kelly Dodd Is A Controversial Figure

It’s speculated that Kelly was let go to make room for Heather on RHOC. Kelly’s outspoken views touching on political topics and Covid-19 have landed her in hot water. As a result, Kelly believes she’s being canceled.

The former RHOC cast member is a controversial individual. Typically, such a Housewives star is a cash cow for Bravo. Heather and those behind RHOC wish they could shut her down. Of course, that’s not likely to happen. What fans of the show DO have is off-screen drama. Moreover, Kelly Dodd fans love her take on things.

Kelly Dodd
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Kelly makes headlines with her bold social media posts. She’s in the midst of an ongoing battle with Andy Cohen regarding RHOC ratings. Kelly insists the ratings for Season 16 are lower because she’s not on the show. Cohen doesn’t think Kelly understands ratings. He mentions the delay in viewership numbers making all the difference. However, Kelly argues that last year’s delayed numbers should be counted as well here. In the meantime, it looks to be a subject of debate for a while. Bottom line, Kelly is certain her absence from RHOC Season 16 is causing a ratings hit for Bravo. Whether that’s the case or not is up for speculation. It may be a coincidence due to new cast members or it’s all because Kelly Dodd isn’t appearing this season.

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