‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown Gets In Halloween Spirit

Bear Brown loves Halloween, and mostly everything horror. During his time off from Alaskan Bush People, he worked on a horror movie. Now, he is celebrating Halloween approaching. Bear has shown off a bunch of Halloween pictures of his past costumes through the years.

Here is a look at Bear Brown’s look back at Halloween as he prepares for the spooky season this year.

Bear Brown’s Halloween costumes from the past

Bear Brown is so excited about Halloween coming up that he has flooded his Instagram timeline with his favorite past Halloween looks. It all started with Bear paying homage to Joker in a series of three pictures with interesting filters over them. He captioned the post, “It’s almost Halloween!!! I hope everybody has there costumes ready!!! #joker.”

Bear Brown as Joker from Alaskan Bush People

Bear then added another Joker picture before he went back to the past. In a clearly older picture of a clean-shaven Bear, he was dressed in a medieval costume while holding a sword. He then added a second one with different lighting.

While he hasn’t said what he is dressing up as this year, he seems pretty infatuated with Joker right now. Earlier this year, Bear posted a question on Instagram asking if fans were ready for a new season of Alaskan Bush People. Of course, he used a photo of Batman and Joker in the post. Seeing him as Joker this year wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Bear Brown at Halloween

He’s currently making big moves on Alaskan Bush People

Bear Brown and his wife Raiven are making big moves this season on Alaskan Bush People. In the first episode, the opening showed they got married in between seasons. Fans only got a glimpse at the wedding with Bam Brown presiding over it. The show officially started weeks after the wedding.

The entire family began making big changes this season. Noah Brown decided he wanted to leave the family and move his wife and kids back to Alaska so they could experience growing up in the Alaskan bush. Birdie had it toughest when she learned she had two large tumors and, after having them surgically removed, learned the chance for cancer was great without a full hysterectomy. Meanwhile, Bam and Gabe worked to rebuild the family ranch to help mother Ami get it profitable again.

As for Bear Brown and Raiven, they chose to move further up the mountain. After driving the trailer up the mountain, Bear needed to get Gabe’s help in building a tent for them to live in until they had other options. in the most recent episode, Raiven cooked her first chicken from one found on their farm. However, soon they will learn about Raiven’s pregnancy and that will change things in their lives once again.

What are you planning for this Halloween? Let us know your thoughts on Bear Brown’s costumes from Alaskan Bush People in the comments below.

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