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‘The View’: Sunny Hostin Commands Attention In Sky Blue Dress


The View host Sunny Hostin looked very young and radiant in her latest outing. On Wednesday, the 54-year-old was recently snapped at the Variety New York Party organized at American Bar. She was photographed wearing a stunning dress at the event demanding all eyes on her. Keep reading for the details!

Sunny Hostin Rocks A Blue Body-Hugging Dress

The mother of two rocked a long-sleeve, body-hugging ensemble in a rare outing. She showed off her sculpted body cinched with a belt around her waist. As per The Sun, the ABC correspondent completed the look with gold high heels and styled her brown locks in tight curls. While the host looked stunning in her new look, this is something she needed after several on-air embarrassing moments on The View.

Sunny Hostin The View YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Furthermore, on Tuesday, the lawyer was seen zoning out in the midst of an ongoing debate between her co-hosts. During the segment that talked about the upcoming elections, moderator Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, “I think you have to have a little more faith in people, and they have made up their minds for a reason.”

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg Mocks Sunny Hostin

As the moderator continued, the camera stayed on her. However, she called out to Sunny who didn’t seem to be paying attention.

More so, Whoopi questioned Sunny, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

The camera then moved from Whoopi to Sunny who had a pout on her facing and was looking down seeming unaware of what was happening around her. As the room got quiet over Whoopi’s question, Sunny caught hold of the situation and asked, “Oh, who me?”

Whoopi replied, “Yeah.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin quipped, “We lost Sunny.”

Realizing her mistake, Sunny admitted, “Yeah. Sometimes we get brain farts on the show. I just had one. Sorry everyone.”

“No. No. I looked over, and she was like….And I thought, ‘She looks like I do sometimes, but let me ask her if she’s ok,” Whoopi continued to mock her.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

Sunny chuckled at her absentmindedness and said, “Brain fart…. On live television. Thanks for pointing that out, Whoopi.”

A concerned Whoopi replied, “Well, Sunny, I didn’t know what was happening, and I wanted to check.”

Sunny’s Phone Call Interrupts An On-Air Debate

However, this is one of Sunny’s several awkward on-air moments this week. During a heated debate with her co-hosts, Sunny butted in as Whoopi and Alyssa shared their political views. Amid the battle of words, Sunny’s cell phone started to ring directing everyone’s attention to the device.

Sunny Hostin YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

As Whoopi enquired Sunny who the caller was, the legal correspondent replied, “Gabriel Hostin,” reading out her son’s name on the screen. Although the ladies didn’t mind Sunny’s phone call and quickly returned to their debate, Sunny quietly silenced her phone seeming all embarrassed by the interruption she caused.

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