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Kody Brown Used Food Storage For Manipulative Reason?

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Kody Brown and his family have to purchase food in bulk. With eighteen kids and four wives, it just makes the most sense. However, with Christine now exiting the family, her stake in the food came up. Unfortunately, fans of the show could help but wonder if Kody had ulterior motives when it comes to the food storage. Does he use it as some sort of manipulation tactic? Read on to see why viewers may feel this way.

Is Kody Brown Using Food Storage To Manipulate?

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, food storage came up. The Browns have always bought in bulk and have goods stored away to keep the family fed for a long time. Christine explained it is twofold. You want to be able to feed your family if the economy collapses or for the second coming of Christ. For the mother of six, religious reasons are now exempt as she has no idea where she leans. Kody likes food storage in case of a crisis whereas Janelle says that it is innate in their culture. Meri openly admits she has nothing prepped for herself in the event of a crisis.

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As it came time for Christine to continue to pack, she shared that she did not want anything to do with the food storage. More so, she said it was not hers and the family could have it. Yet, it seemed that there was so much more to food storage than just the food. Fans noticed this and started a Reddit thread. They pointed out that the storage area was in her home for all of the wives. Furthermore, he was focused on that but not on moving all of his stuff out of the garage. It was deemed somewhat manipulative.

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If he keeps his stuff in her home, he is keeping a hold over her, making it more difficult to leave. Plus, having the familial storage in her house is a guilt trip because then she is responsible for their well-being. “I thought it was very telling that he was willing to move the food storage but not his boxes. I hope she just loaded his crap in the car and dropped it off on Robyns driveway,” one person noted. Yet, it did not end there.

Leave It On The Curb

Fans felt that Kody Brown should just take his stuff and if not, Christine should leave it on the curb. “Leave it right on the curb,” one commented. Similarly, another added: “I would dump it on the side of the road, I’m not a delivery service.” Apparently, the food was supposed to go into Janelle’s garage but it did not work out. Now, Christine has been left with the burden of both Kody’s baggage and the food. He will do anything to keep her but she is so over it and done.

Do you think the food storage allows Kody to keep Christine hanging? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. that food storage only needs to feed 9-10 people not the former 23 as I assume children who have left the nest provide for themselves

  2. I can’t believe that Christine Brown can’t tell when Kody Brown is getting next to her through Truly. Run too the nearest lawyer and get everything settled. Take him for back child s upport. Robyn and Kody aren’t paying their taxes on the house that they are living in, but they can pay for a nanny? Please let the court’s take care of it, you aren’t getting any younger 🙏.

  3. Absolutely very s Utah lawyer! his boxes and the good storage? he’s making it as difficult as possible for her. plain and simple s tantrum from a child that can’t get what he wants under the terms he wants. I’m glad you seem to be so happy and living as good life!

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