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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call Out Meri Brown For Being Fake

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been living her best life. First off, she has been spending a lot of time running her B&B. When she is not in Parowan, she is adventuring with her LuLaRoe friends. Recently, she was off having a blast in Mexico. Meri just posted a photo of herself smiling on social media. Along with it, she had one of her super positive captions. However, fans felt the photo was both fake and staged. They did not find her happiness genuine and called her out on Reddit. What did the picture look like and what did they have to say? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Call Out Meri For Being Fake

Meri Brown recently took to Instagram to share a photo of herself. She is smiling and laughing while wearing sunglasses by the water. The caption reads: “Happy people do things that make them happy. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.” Fans immediately flocked to Reddit after seeing the photo. They were not convinced that her happiness was genuine. “Meri’s Ted Talk: “Look at this pic I took of myself fake laughing, by myself” 🤦🏻‍♀️,” the thread started.

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Another Redditor added: “There is nothing good about this image. Happy people don’t need to tell other people that they’re happy. They just exist. Happily.” “I’m so sick of whatever this act is that Meri is doing,” someone else noted. Finally, one person had this to share: “Meri COULD have been Christine! We were ALL ROOTING for you Meri!!! Everyone! For years. We believed in you. We had hopes for your future. We thought you were the chosen one who would leave Krodi. You let us down.”

Meri Told To Leave

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Meri was in for a huge shock. As she was dealing with the passing of her mother, Bonnie, she was at her B&B. Unfortunately, she chose to shut it down for the time being while she sorted everything out as Bonnie lived at and ran the inn. In a twist, Kody told Meri that maybe she should just stay in Utah at the B&B. Of course, this was not why she bought the home as she just wanted to keep it in her family. Moreover, her sister wives noted that she never intended to live there.

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Now, she goes back and forth from Flagstaff, Utah, and wherever her MLM takes her. However, the fans continue to question why she stays with Kody when he treats her so poorly. Similarly, his third wife, Christine realized she wanted genuine happiness and not what Meri and Kody have. Therefore, she exited the marriage in early 2021 with the official announcement coming out in November 2021. The hope is that Meri will finally see her worth and venture on her own.

Do you think Meri is faking happiness for a photo op? More so, do you think that she is really happy? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I do not believe Meri is happy, in fact I believe Meri is miserably jealous of Christine and the courageous way she has made a huge life change! When Meri thought that she was moving on with her imaginary lover online, it was ok yet when its Christine who has chosen happiness elsewhere, it’s an issue…. Meri is so easily manipulated by Robyn because she should love herself enough to know that she deserves better because Kody is bad enough and now Robyn would like her to stay where she’s not wanted by her “husband?” what kind of true friend would ask you to stay there knowing that being there does not make you happy? Robyn is looking out for Robyn, PERIOD! GO CHRISTINE! Time to LIVE instead of continuing to exist with this nonsense!

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