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Does Filming ‘Sister Wives’ Factor Into Living Options?

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The cast of Sister Wives has moved a lot. It is not just the relocation to the new states but finding housing. When they left Utah for Vegas, they had to find temporary homes for the four wives. Luckily, they were able to find the four-home cul-de-sac and adjust somewhat comfortably. However, the transition from Vegas to Flagstaff was a bit more challenging. Though they had purchased a big lot of land, Coyote Pass, it was taking a lot of time to build on it. Therefore, each wife had to find suitable accommodations, Unfortunately, it was not that easy and everyone ended up at a large distance. Now, fans are wondering how filming factors into where they all live. Read on for details.

Did The Sister Wives Cast Truly Look At Every Option?

Fans looked back on the debates between Kody and his four wives over the Flagstaff living arrangements. There was stress over if they should rent or buy. Christine bought her home off the bat while Meri, Janelle, and Robyn were renters. Though Robyn wanted to keep renting, it seemed there was no rental market. Therefore, she had to buy her home against her wishes. Janelle had a lovey rental but it was sold so she could either put in a bid or leave. She chose to save the money for their land and buy an RV. Yet, fans find the lack of rentals to be an excuse.

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They took to Reddit to express how they felt and prove their point. The thread started with the concept that there were rentals. However, the rentals were not “good enough” for them. Furthermore, if they needed short-term rental options, why not check into apartments? Did Meri really need such a big home for just one person? It then came up from another Redditor if where they live directly coincides with filming permits. “Wasn’t Meri run out of a neighborhood bc of filming?” one pointed out.

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Yes, there was a time when her lifestyle was ostracized by the neighborhood that was not so open to having a polygamist family there. Another pointed out that most have pets so that could have further limited rental options. Additionally, Robyn has five kids so it was also noted that maybe an apartment would not accommodate all of those people.

Two Rentals, One Home, & A Vacant Lot

In the end, the Sister Wives ended up with two rentals, one permanent home, and a vacant lot. When Christine decided to leave the family, she also left Flagstaff. Therefore, she sold her home there. Janelle’s rental was sold, as aforementioned and she spent the summer of 2021 in an RV, actually on Coyote Pass. However, she did find housing for the cold months so she and her youngest, Savanah would be comfy-cozy. Finally, Robyn owns her lavish home. Sadly, it seems that little to no work has been done on their land and it might have to do with some rearranging. They had planned to have a lot for Christine but that is no longer.

Why do you think the Sister Wives chose to live the way that they do? Do you think they prefer to be apart at this point or is it based on where they can film? Let us know and watch the show Sundays on TLC.

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