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‘GMA’ Sam Champion Considers Reality TV After ‘DWTS’ Run?

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Sam Champion considers the possibility of a reality TV career. This comes on the heels of his elimination from Dancing with the Stars. Earlier this week, Sam made his return to ABC Eyewitness News and Good Morning  America.

The meteorologist was welcomed with open arms by his colleagues. Sam got used to the lights and the flash of the cameras in Los Angeles. Now, he’s back to the New York City hustle and grind. The weatherman contemplated his future on television after his warm welcome.

Sam Champion Sits On Rooftop [Sam Champion | Instagram]
[Sam Champion | Instagram]

Does he want a reality TV career?

The Good Morning America fan favorite got used to his time on DWTS. Sam Champion admitted that he fell in love with dancing. He hoped to last as long as possible with his partner, dance professional Cheryl Burke. Now, Sam is having a change of heart now that he’s returned to work.

In a shocking admission, Sam Champion wished he was eliminated sooner. While he’s thankful for the fans’ support, he’s glad to get back to work. The anchor took part in a Q&A with his followers during an Instagram Live, which you can view here. Sam took questions while on break at work.

He shared that he wished the viewers would’ve stopped voting for him after week three. One fan wanted to know if Sam Champion would consider a career in reality TV. They wanted to know his thoughts after appearing on Dancing with the Stars. However, Sam says he likes his life the way it is.

Sam Champion Holds Q&A [Sam Champion | Instagram]
[Sam Champion | Instagram]
“Any more reality TV shows in the future? No, I think that’s enough,” Sam Champion responded. “I think that dancing made this schedule look easy.”

He laughed when he shared his last sentiment. Sam would rather wake up early for work than rehearse for Dancing with the Stars. Another fan asked if Sam misses the workouts he did while training for the show. Sam admitted that he has no desire to go back to those workouts.

“I don’t actually, they’re hard!” Sam Champion said. “But I think I will after everything is not as sore, and you know, give it like four or five days.”

Sam Champion to return to DWTS

DWTS Season 31 wraps up filming in November. Sam Champion and the other eliminated contestants will return for the last time in the next few weeks. He shared that he will have to travel back to L.A. for the grueling rehearsals and workouts. Sam doesn’t miss them though and wishes his fans voted him out earlier.

“I appreciate your votes. Honestly, I do, especially in the first couple of weeks,” Sam Champion explained. “By week three, I was like, ‘Okay, can you stop voting now.’ But thank you very much. I appreciate it.”

He admits his lack of dancing experience and age was a factor. Sam felt “brutalized” by the fourth week. Are you surprised to learn that he wanted to be eliminated sooner? Sound off below in the comment section.

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