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‘SW:’ Ysabel Brown Shares Her Truth On Relationship With Kody

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Tonight’s episode briefly takes a look at Ysabel Brown preparing to move out of her mother’s house and into her sister Maddie’s house across the country. During a confessional, Christine Brown’s daughter is probed by a producer for information on her relationship with her father. Ysabel gets candid and shares her truth about her relationship with Kody. What did she share? Keep reading for the details.

Ysabel Brown shares her truth about Kody

For the most part, Ysabel Brown shrugged off questions related to her relationship with her father. It was clear she had a deep love for him as the man who brought her into the world. She, however, doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with him. Ysabel explained to the camera that her relationship with her father was “fine.” There wasn’t some big drama or dramatic split between them to pull to the surface.

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Ysabel Brown, however, did take the time to clarify that she really just doesn’t have much of a relationship with her father. She noted there weren’t really issues to speak of, they just weren’t very close.

Kody Brown tells a different story

Speaking to the cameras during a confessional, Kody Brown explains that he tries to be close to his daughter Ysabel. He wants to have a relationship with her. He loves her. Kody explains that he tries to pull Ysabel out of her shell and get close to her. For reasons he doesn’t understand, she closes up and shuts him down. Kody Brown argues that he doesn’t have much of a relationship with Ysabel because she won’t open up to him. And, there’s nothing he can do to help her if she won’t contribute an effort to having a relationship with him.

During this same episode, Kody Brown also implied that Christine has been setting things up so her children hated him for a long time. Kody believes she’s wanted to leave him for a long time and she’s been working to set things up so it was easy for her to do so. The Sister Wives father argues that Christine didn’t make it easy for him to have a relationship with her children. So, he can’t be blamed for not being close to Ysabel.

Did Christine Brown keep her children from Kody? Or, is he just making excuses? Let us know what you think of Ysabel Brown’s truth about her father in the comments down below.

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