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Kody Brown Baffled By Ysabel, Says He’s Not An Ogre

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Kody Brown admits he’s a bit baffled by his lack of relationship with Ysabel. He tells the cameras that she’s a pretty shy and soft-spoken girl. He claims that she hides inside of herself and he’s ben trying hard to pull her out and get her to open up to him. Kody Brown tells the cameras he loves his daughter Ysabel. But, he can’t seem to make a connection with her and doesn’t know how to help her. He ends his speech by noting that he doesn’t think he’s that big of “an ogre.” So, he doesn’t understand why she is so standoffish with him.

Kody Brown says he’s not an ogre, why does Ysabel avoid him?

The Sister Wives star does not believe he’s that big of an ogre when it comes to Ysabel. So, he doesn’t understand why it feels as though she wants nothing to do with him. During her confessional, Ysabel Brown explained she doesn’t have any issues or drama with her father. She describes her relationship with him as “fine.” She, however, does admit she just really isn’t that close to him. Considering how many children Kody Brown has, it is understandable he wouldn’t be able to be close to all of them.

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He blames Christine for the problem

During one confessional, Kody Brown pointed out that it is the responsibility of his wives to set up an environment that allows him to be there for his children. Kody argues that Christine did what she could to drive him away and paint him in a bad light for her children. He believes these were pieces she put together to make it easier to leave him with all of her children supporting her side of the split.

Is Kody Brown a monster?

Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown needs to take a hard look in the mirror if he really believes he’s a bad guy and not a monster. At the end of the day, there is a reason why none of his children nor his wives want much to do with him. Jokingly, some fans admitted calling Kody Brown an ogre was a bit of an insult to Shrek.

Ysabel Brown from TLC

Do you understand why Ysabel Brown doesn’t have or want a relationship with her father? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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