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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown Sends Message To Dad

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When Billy Brown died last year, he left a giant hole in his family. His kids all reacted differently, but it really hurt the family in many ways. This new season of Alaskan Bush People shows several ways that Billy’s death has changed the course of his family, and in some cases, it is heartbreaking.

In a recent social media post, Bear Brown left a message for his father, and much of his feelings of loss are playing out in scenes with Bear and his family this season.

Bear Brown sends message to dad Billy

Bear Brown took things hard when Billy died. Unlike his other three brothers, Bear isn’t really as ready to take on the roles that his dad covered in the past. While Noah is technically masterful, Bam is ready to conquer anything, and Gabe brings the muscle, Bear has admitted lately that he didn’t really pay close enough attention to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

Bear Brown and Raiven on Alaskan Bush People
Bear Brown | ‘Alaskan Busch People’

In a recent Instagram post, Bear Brown sent his late father a message.  The photos showed Bear witting on a log and talking to Billy. In the caption, Bear wrote, “I miss this man beyond words!!!! Love you Da!” It has been clear in the new season of Alaskan Bush People that Bear really misses his dad.

Bear Brown has moved his wife Raiven and son River higher up the mountain. During the move, Bear admitted some tough things to Raiven about his experience in this new change. He said he had never pulled a trailer with the truck before, as his dad always did it before. When they reached their stopping point, he began to build a floor to put a tent over, and once again admitted this was something his dad was great at, but he never paid enough attention to be knowledgeable about.

Earlier in the episode, a flashback to Bear Brown and his sister Birdie was heartbreaking. Bear said he felt he was already a failure as a husband and father. He compared himself to Billy and said he can’t match up. Birdie flatly told him to be his own man and make his own way and not to compare himself to others.

Bear Brown and Billy Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Bear Brown | Instagram

Billy Brown’s loss on Alaskan Bush People

Bear Brown isn’t the only Brown sibling to make big changes after Billy’s death. Birdie has one of the biggest stories so far this season of Alaskan Bush People. She still hasn’t gotten over her dad’s death and has been questioning where her life is headed. Her mom gave her a letter from her and Billy and asked Birdie to take a trip back to Alaska and read it there. However, Birdie ended up with a medical emergency – two tumors she had to have removed. Now, she has to decide if she wants to have kids in the future and risk cancer.

Noah Brown is also considering a big change. With his dad gone, Noah has decided he wants to move his wife and kids back to Alaska. His goal is to raise them the same way his dad raised him. Whether he pulls the trigger or not is another story.

How do you think the loss of Billy Brown has affected each of his kids? Will Bear Brown finally become the husband and father he sees his dad as? Let us know your thoughts on Alaskan Bush People‘s new season below.

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