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Blake Moynes Views Trust Differently One Year After Katie Thurston

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Bachelorette alum Blake Moynes has tried a few different times to find love on the show. It didn’t work out with Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams or finally Katie Thurston. Now, one year after his relationship to Katie, he’s speaking out about how his views on trust have changed. Keep reading to find out more.

Blake Moynes views trust differently then before Katie Thurston

US Weekly shared what Blake Moynes had to say about how his views on trust have changed since his engagement to Katie Thurston.

In fact, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s been an entire year since his relationship with Katie.

Blake talked about what he’s learned over the past year. He said, “I like to just give people all my trust and then, you know, if they break it, they break it. I think that [now] I’m more veering on the side of making people earn trust.” He continued, “I think [that’s] the way that I’m starting to go with things. … I feel like I’ve been let down [in] a lot of situations, both in relationships, [and in] a lot of different categories. And so [over] the last year, that’s kind of my biggest takeaway is to make people earn their trust and stop just giving it away.”

Blake realized that people can be selfish and not compassionate.

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Will he ever go back on a dating show?

Blake expressed that currently, he has no desire or intentions to go back on television to date again. However, he did say never say never. Blake said, “I never say never, but I would say unlikely on the dating show aspect of things. There’s some other projects I’m working on [that are] wildlife-related, but for the most part, dating, I think I’ll keep that to the real world,”

Katie Thurston has also said that she would do things differently if she could go back in time. However, she also expressed that she does not want to be The Bachelorette again.

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Blake and Katie seemed great together but things went south for them just a few months after their engagement aired on television.

Following that, Katie went on to date Jon Hersey who was also on her season of the show.

Now, it seems that Katie is single and Blake has not revealed his new lady’s identity.

What do you think about Blake saying he’s learned that people now need to earn his trust? Do you wish he’d return to reality television?


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