Blake Moynes ‘Picky’ Following Multiple Failed Relationships

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Blake Moynes made his debut on The Bachelorette when Claire Crawley was the lead. When she left he decided to stick around and date Tayshia Adams. That relationship also didn’t work out. So, he then decided to crash Katie Thurston’s season of the show and try to win her over. He did. Katie gave him her final rose and they became engaged on the finale. However, they broke up just three months after the big finale aired on television. Now, he is talking about what he’s learned and will do in the future when it comes to dating.

Blake Moynes will approach dating differently in the future

US Weekly shared what Blake Moynes had to say about dating in the future. Blake has learned a lot from his broken heart. In fact, he’s learning more about what he doesn’t want in a relationship moving forward.

Blake said, “I think, in some weird way, [my breakup] hurt me in a sense where I’m finding the more that I fail, the more things that I find that I know I don’t want in a relationship.” He continued, “I think I have more understanding of exactly what I want [and] I think [that] has made me more picky, but the right person will come along and I’ll know what it is because I’ve failed so many times now.”

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Has he dated at all yet?

Blake also revealed that he has dipped his toes into the dating world a little bit since his split from Katie. However, he was clear to point out he’s definitely not jumping into the deep end.

Blake said he’s happy where he is right now and isn’t looking to jump into anything. He said it would take a lot for someone to come in and raise the bar. He also doesn’t want someone to step in and ruin where’s he’s at now by bringing him down.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes/Instagram
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes/Instagram

As for Katie, it didn’t take her long to figure out what she wanted. Within a month of announcing her split with Blake, she announced that she was dating former contestant John Hersey. They recently took a vacation to Mexico together. Katie had originally sent John home during week two of her season.

Blake says he’s not spoken to Katie since it was announced she’s with John. He feels one day that conversation will come. However, he’s not ready yet.

What do you think about Blake’s approach to being pickier when dating?

Stay tuned for more updates. Blake has some exciting things in the works!

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