Find Out Why Blake Moynes Isn’t Responding To Katie Thurston

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Fans started out excited when Blake Moynes crashed Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. They hit it off and he ultimately won her heart. They got engaged on the finale and things seemed to be going great. Then, it all ended just three months after the finale aired. After their split, Katie announced a month later she was dating fellow contestant John Hersey. Now, Blake is sharing that Katie has reached out to him but he’s not responded. Why?

Blake Moynes dishes why he hasn’t responded to Katie Thurston

US Weekly shared what Blake Moynes had to say on a recent Podcast about why he hasn’t responded when Katie Thurston has reached out. When asked how he’s doing since their split he says he’s good but only because time has passed. He said, “Time heals a lot of things and time just allows you to kind of reflect and just move past the mayhem that’s happened.”

Blake and Katie were cordial when they first broke up. However, Blake was blindsided by her newfound love for John. Prior to finding out about John, Blake and Katie were in touch. Now, since learning she’s in love, Blake says Katie has reached out to him but he’s not responded.

Blake said, “But she has reached out to me. I just have not been [in] the place yet to respond to it. Especially the time that it all kind of was unraveling, I didn’t want to respond in a place of emotion and right in the heat of things when I haven’t had time to reflect.”

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Will he ever respond?

Blake says there will come a day when he can respond to Katie. However, he’s just not there yet. He continued saying he will not respond and just speak out of emotion.

Blake said,  “She’s happy. She made the decision — although, you know, I didn’t like it — she made the best decision for her, just like I would make the best decision for me. It didn’t play out the way I wanted it to, and it could have probably been handled different, but I have no time for a grudge.”

He says when the time is right he will talk to her. Blake believes talking about it will help him completely heal. However, talking to her is not his top priority right now. In fact, it’s at the bottom of his to-do list.

Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes and John Hersey
Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes and John Hersey

What does Blake really think of Katie?

Blake says that Katie is a good person and he does believe that. He said, “I will respond to her, and we will make up, 100 percent, one day. It’s, just, not yet when it still feels kind of fresh. … There will always be a little piece that won’t heal until I have that wrap up conversation with her. … It will come. I know it will — because we’re both mature. It’ll get there, it’s just not yet. I think I should be the one to determine that just because I was on the wrong end of it.”

He also says that he does not regret their engagement. Blake hopes she feels the same way. He thinks she does but of course can’t be completely sure.

As far as her relationship with John, he will get over that too someday. He admits that all anyone ever wants in life is to be happy. He doesn’t fault her for that.

Blake says when he’s ready to date again that he will do it the old-fashioned way. He wants to meet someone in person rather than on social media. He seems to still be hurting but is on his way to healing.





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