‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Where Is The Cabin The Family Stayed In?

1000-Lb. Sisters from TLC

During 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, fans got a chance to see the family go out on fun excursions together. They even opted to take a family vacation to the Tennessee mountains and explore Gatlinburg.

Most of the family sincerely seemed to have an amazing time — except for Tammy. The TLC star complained most of the trip and even opted to stay at a hotel instead of in a cabin with her family members. But even so, Amy and the rest of the siblings enjoyed their time together.

Now, viewers are really curious to learn more about the cabin. Where was it? Can other interested guests stay there? Keep reading to see what TV Shows Ace uncovered.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters gang explores the mountains

The family on 1000-Lb. Sisters don’t often take grand vacations. That’s why the family trip to Tennessee was such a big deal for them. They had a wonderful time together in the mountains — Tammy’s outbursts aside. Now, fans want more information on the cabin.

1000-Lb. Sisters from TLC
1000-Lb. Sisters/TLC

“Does anyone know anything about the cabin they stayed in down in Gatlinburg? It looks nice,” the original Redditor asked.

Redditors couldn’t seem to find any information on the specific cabin the family stayed in, but several had information about staying in the area.

“Not that one specifically but pretty much all the cabin rentals in the area are like that. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are very touristy, there are hundreds of cabins all over,” one Redditor offered.

Many other users had a great time remembering specific scenes from the 1000-Lb. Sisters episode, such as when the family compared the cabin to the Taj Mahal.

However, a few users did bring up the fact that Tammy had no interest in staying in the cabin, no matter how nice it was.

“I’ve been going to the Burg since I was a kid. I’m 50 now. Have stayed in cabins like these. A cabin that size averages $500 a night. No way in hell will you get any money refunded if you leave before your set checkout date,” one Redditor pointed out. “And Tammy wanted everyone to end the vacation early to take her home. No consideration on how much $$ they’d be out of by leaving early.”

Other users pointed out that the production team probably paid for the cabin, but they understood the sentiments.

The cast dances around questions regarding Season 4

Since 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 came to an end, viewers want answers about Season 4. However, the cast doesn’t seem interested in answering those questions any time soon.

Right now, Amy Halterman is the only family member interacting with fans regularly on social media. But even then, she doesn’t respond to questions about Season 4. In all likelihood, this is due to an NDA with TLC. The network doesn’t want its stars spoiling information about upcoming seasons.

If there are plans for a fourth season, the family isn’t talking right now. Stay tuned for more information on 1000-Lb. Sisters. See what’s going on with the family and check back for news on future seasons.

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