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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Season 4: Chris Combs Leaks Show’s Future

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Chris Combs may have recently leaked 1000-Lb. Sisters future and whether Season 4 is going to happen.

Turns out, news and rumors swirled this week that TLC decided to cancel 1000-Lb. Sisters instead of renewing it for Season 4. Sadly, there were a lot of facts stacking up that didn’t support the possibility of the show’s return. One half of the pair of sisters starring in the show has teased it would return and the other has cast a lot of doubt on any desire to return.

While Chris Combs wasn’t initially a star on 1000-Lb. Sisters, he became a fan favorite when he stepped in as a replacement weight loss buddy for Tammy after Amy Halterman was successful in attaining her surgery and getting pregnant. As fans know, Chris Combs followed Amy’s path of leaving Tammy in the dust by attaining his own weight loss surgery. The family did joke during Season 3 they had no shortage of overweight family members to step up to the plate next.

YouTube – 1000-Lb. Sisters

According to chatter across YouTube and Facebook, there’s been an update regarding the future of the show. Turns out, Chris Combs may have spilled the beans on whether TLC intended to cancel or renew the series for Season 4. What did he have to say? Keep reading for the details.

Why Did Fans Believe The Show Was Canceled?

Turns out, Amy Halterman really wasn’t doing anything to convince fans there would be more episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters. She was very open about her entire pregnancy with Glenn and immediately shared him with fans when he was born. Noticeably, Amy Halterman and several of her family members actually removed TLC and the name of the series from their bios on social media. Amy has also outright said during interviews she wasn’t sure she wanted to return to the show. She explained that a much shorter filming schedule, however, could convince her to stay.

Screenshots of Chris Combs adding to the cancelation speculation by noting they hadn’t signed contracts with TLC also made rounds on social media.

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Photo Credit: TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4: Chris Combs Spills Beans

According to a YouTube video uploaded by Backwoods Barbi, Chris Combs has just cast doubt on any claims 1000-Lb. Sisters has been canceled by TLC. Responding to a fan in the comments of one of his posts on Facebook, the TLC personality revealed they were currently filming. Now, Chris Combs didn’t go into any details about what they were filming or who was filming exactly. Fans, however, can only assume Chris Combs was referring to TLC filming Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters.

Up until this point, 1000-Lb. Sisters differed from the rest of the shows on the network in a pretty big way. For most of the reality TV shows, the network is anywhere from a year to two years behind in filming. This is especially true for shows like Sister Wives that gets blasted for being so far behind reality. Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters, however, really wasn’t that far behind reality. The delay in any real information about Season 4, however, is causing any renewal of the series to have a bigger gap between reality and TV. This, however, is on point with TLC when fans look at other shows on the network.

Should fans take what Chris Combs said to mean the series is coming back for Season 4? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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  1. If it true that they abuse animals then I don’t want to see them again. I just hope and pray that it isn’t true. I love all animals so much, I can’t handle people doing that. If it is not true then I hope they have a season 4. I loved that show.

    1. @Donna WOW! I haven’t heard that they supposedly abused animals, but if there’s any truth to that, I love animals, and feel the same way. I wouldn’t want to watch them anymore either, if it’s true, but if not, I wish them all well and look forward to season 4. Amy had a little pet dog named “little bit” that she treated really well on the show, but I believe her dog died recently from some sort of illness.

  2. Honestly tired of waiting. I personally would rather see Chris and Amanda than Amy and Tammy any ways. Tammy never tried and Amy has gotten a big head thinking she is so popular

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