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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Beg Amy Halterman For Answers

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These days, TLC star Amy Halterman is living a quiet life as a wife, mother, and part-time resin artist. She frequently shares glimpses of her cozy Kentucky life with her audience members.

While her Instagram followers are always happy to look at cute photos of her sons, they really just want answers. But there is one question that Amy Halterman always seems to dance around and avoid. What is it?

Amy Halterman poses with her hubby and ignores fans’ questions

Raising two young sons isn’t easy — especially if they are both under two years of age. Now and then, Michael and Amy Halterman just need a little time to themselves. Amy recently uploaded photos of a date night they shared together.

“Had some much fun at Josh turner concert Harrisburg Il fairgrounds and I got my spooky nails,” the TLC star captioned the Instagram post. While it was nice to see an update from Michael and Amy, fans really just had one question on their minds.

Michael and Amy Halterman from Instagram
Michael & Amy Halterman/Instagram

Great picture of you and your sweetheart. When is the show beginning again. Can’t wait to see what’s been going on,” one fan wrote/

“When is the show coming back on,” another fan asked a little more directly. Plenty of other fans asked about Tammy and why she’s been so quiet on social media this year.

Although it’s frustrating for many fans, they probably won’t get the answers they’re looking for any time soon. TLC personalities are often under contract with the network. In other words, they legally are not allowed to speak on certain topics if their contract forbids it. More than likely, Amy Halterman has an NDA with TLC that doesn’t allow her to talk about any future seasons.

Glenn and Amy Halterman from Instagram
Amy & Glenn Halterman/Instagram

Hopefully, TLC will make a formal announcement about the future of 1000-Lb. Sisters soon. Fans are really tired of waiting for answers.

What’s going on with the divorce rumors?

At some point this week, some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans thought that the Haltermans might be splitting up. Fans reportedly noticed Amy wasn’t wearing her wedding ring in a photo and thought that she and Michael might be divorcing. However, the TLC personality quickly put those rumors to bed. She and Michael are still very much in love — her wedding ring just doesn’t fit any longer.

Amy reminded fans that she lost quite a bit of weight since she and Michael got married. Her wedding ring is just too big for her hand now.

Not long after the rumors surfaced, Amy uploaded the photos of her and Michael at the concert. It seems like she doesn’t want there to be any questions about her marriage.

Stay tuned for more news on 1000-Lb. Sisters. TV Shows Ace will fill you in as soon as there are any updates.

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