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Pat Sajak Calls Out Contestant On National TV, What Happened?

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Pat Sajak called out a contestant on national TV. The incident took place during the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune. Pat has already had his share of controversial moments on and off the game show. WoF fans aren’t happy with the game show host after a photo of him with Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Greene Taylor surfaced on social media.

There have also been some eye-raising moments on Wheel of Fortune and its spinoff, Celebrity WoF. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Pat mocked a contestant after they made a fumble. In a recent broadcast, he called out a contestant who lied about her ties to Vanna White.

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Pat Sajak sets the record straight

On Monday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak called out a contestant for lying. Player Katie admitted that she would pretend to be related to hostess Vanna White. Her surname is White. Pat started off the conversation by reading the fact from his cue card.

“Let’s find out about you. You’re married, right?” Pat Sajak asked Katie.

The contestant from Pleasanton, California responded: “Yes, I’m married to my fabulous husband of three years.”

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Pat admitted that Katie looked like “an honest woman.” That’s when he set the record straight about her ties to the famous Vanna White. She admitted that her surname is “White,” however, there is no relation. Pat pushed for more questions, asking her if she lied in the past.

“I told pretty much everyone I met when I was a kid that I was related to Vanna,” Katie admitted.

Pat Sajak had a good laugh over her admission. Even Vanna said from the puzzle board: “Hey, sis!” Once again, Pat asked: “And were you?” Katie admitted they were not related.

“Alright,” Pat Sajak said before adding, “I called you out on national television.” She sarcastically thanked him and he dryly responded: “You’re welcome.”

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Loses patience with a WoF contestant?

Last week, Pat Sajak lost his patience with a contestant. They struggled to come up with a letter. Player Teresa had the habit of pausing before naming a letter. Pat would become visibly annoyed with her.

She spun the wheel and landed on a wedge that offered a trip to San Francisco. Teresa froze at that moment. She couldn’t think of anything. Pat grew impatient with her and reminded her that they “need a letter.”

During the show, Pat continued to throw shade at the contestant for her inability to guess a letter and solve the puzzle. He’s been criticized for favoritism and making the contestants uncomfortable on the game show. Some fans have called for Pat’s firing.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode? Sound off below in the comment section.

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