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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Pat Sajak Assures Fans He’s A ‘Nice Guy’?

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Wheel of Fortune star Pat Sajak assured fans that he’s a “nice guy.” This comes amid the controversy involving the game show host. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans have threatened to boycott the game show. This past weekend, a photo of Pat posing with Georgia Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene went viral on Twitter.

Most of the WoF fans weren’t happy with the discovery. They feel that the photo was his way of declaring his political views. As a result, fans declared that they refuse to watch the rest of Season 40, which already had a rocky star. On Friday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, the show featured a racist nursery rhyme.

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Did Pat Sajak set the record straight on his persona?

On  Monday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak set the record straight on his persona. He wanted to be more positive after fans slammed him for the way he treated the contestants last season. On the September 19th episode of the classic game show, school teacher Ashlee from Louisville, Kentucky shared her story after correctly guessing the first puzzle.

“This is my 16th year [of teaching] I work with elementary students,” Ashlee said. “I need to mention [my student] Holden, because he loves Wheel of Fortune even more than I do. And you are his favorite person!”

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Pat loved that he had a fan. He asked Ashlee to send Holden “my best.” He called the young boy “a man of distinction.” Pat waved his cue card as he talked like he normally does on the show. He assured Ashlee and the viewers at home: “And tell him I’m a nice guy.”

Ashlee told him that she will make sure of that. This comes amid the ongoing criticism against Pat. Fans think he’s often rude to the contestants on the show. He’s been under fire for picking favorites while snarking at others.

Wheel of Fortune boycott continues

The show hasn’t had a strong start. Fans weren’t happy with the new puzzle board and colorful set. There’s also been criticism of Pat Sajak’s viral photo. It sparked outrage on social media just days before this latest episode. He posed with the right-wing conservative who is known for her far-right conspiracy theories.

Pat Sajak [YouTube]
Some of the Wheel of Fortune fans are fed up with the show. They’re still declaring that they will no longer watch it. Even on Monday night, they were quick to change the channel. Others are calling for Pat Sajak to be fired from his position, as seen by the tweets below.

  • “As soon as Jeopardy! ended I reached for the remote. Won’t watch a second of @WheelofFortune.”
  • “So disappointing. I won’t watch Wheel of Fortune until Pat Sajak is fired! Bad decision, Pat.”
  • “I will never watch that show again.”

What are your thoughts on what Pat Sajak said on WoF? Do you believe that he’s a nice guy? Do you want to see him get fired? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Pat Sajak.

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