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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Call Rhyme Time Puzzle ‘Racist’

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Wheel of Fortune fans called a “Rhyme Time” puzzle “racist.” The show is already making controversy ahead of its Season 40 premiere all because of host Pat Sajak. Now, fans are calling him out for a segment that aired during the game show. There was a puzzle that featured a rhyme that has racist connotations.

Even though it’s a popular children’s nursery rhyme, it still has a controversial past. The incident took place during Friday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune. The “Rhyme Time” segment features phrases and songs that have words that have words that rhyme. The one that was shown is far from wholesome.

Wheel Of Fortune [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]

This Wheel of Fortune puzzle goes severely wrong

The solution to the puzzle was “Eenie Meenie Miny Moe. Catch a Tiger by the Toe.” Once the viewers at home guessed the puzzle, they were disturbed by what they discovered. Wheel of Fortune viewers stormed Twitter to mention the puzzle has a racist past.

The category during that segment was “Rhyme Time.” However, the saying from the classic children’s nursery rhyme is far from wholesome. It has a negative past in the U.S. In 2014, Vox listed it as one of the most “racist children’s songs you might not have known.”

The original lyrics rhymed with the n-word. It was then changed with the word “tiger.” The song originated in the south by slave owners. It wasn’t children who came up with the tune. Slave owners sang the song every time they “caught a runaway slave.”

Puzzle Board [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
Over time, the original lyrics were changed to become a nursery school rhyme. Some people might not know that this song has racist connations. Buzzer Blog caught wind of the puzzle and was the first to report about it.

Most fans of Wheel of Fortune did know this fact and took to Twitter to share their thoughts. They were upset with both the show and Pat Sajak for using this rhyme in the segment.

  • “I wonder if @WheelofFortune realizes the rhyme has racist roots?”
  • “Not a good look @WheelofFortune — racist puzzle tonight? Do some research next time.”
  • “The first thing my mother said when she figured out the puzzle was, ‘You can’t stay that!’ and I agree. Little iffy on the puzzle there…”
Pat Sajak [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]

Pat Sajak is under fire for a viral photo

Over the weekend, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak was under fire for his viral photo. He was photographed with Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The photo shows Sajak posing with Greene and RSBN reporter Bryan Glenn, who gave a smile and the thumbs-up sign.

Some fans are hoping that he will follow through on his words about retiring from the game show. He admitted that his days are numbered. Some Wheel of Fortune viewers threatened to boycott the show because of the controversial photo.

  • “Oh man… well no more WOF!”
  • “I will never watch that show again.”
  • “I watch it every night with my husband and daughter- after seeing this, never again!”
  • “Well, I just lost all respect for him now. He went down the rabbit hole.”

What are your thoughts on the “Rhyme Time” segment? Did you know the nursery rhyme had a racist past? What are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding Pat Sajak? Sound off below in the comment section.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights. Check your local listings for details.

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  1. I have watched Wheel of Fortune before Pat and Vanna. I watched when Chuck and Susan were host and hostess. Why can’t people just watch the show and play along and enjoy. To me it seems like some just watch to try to find something to bash the show. My husband and I watch every night and love the show and Pat and Vanna.

  2. Any person who says that rhyme is racist is trash themselves and just looking for an excuse to start something. Anybody can make up $hit and to tell the truth I am from the southern Appalachia mountains and I never heard that rhyme said that way. BUT I have heard others that were twisted to use the N word. Again if it offends you don’t watch it anymore people are so thin skinned today and just looking to exploit someone. Most think they will get money and the reason why they are this way is their parents raised them to think deeply about something so they can be offended. You poor a-holes need to grow the f up and stop with the crap.

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