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Pat Sajak Mocks Contestant After Her ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fumble

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Pat Sajak really isn’t holding back here. The Wheel of Fortune host recently mocked a fan onscreen after she made a pretty big mistake while solving a puzzle.

In recent years, viewers have criticized Pat Sajak for his onscreen attitude. They don’t always appreciate the way he talks to fans or Vanna White. But this most recent incident was incredibly awkward for viewers. Keep reading to see exactly what happened.

Pat Sajak roasts a guest after she can’t guess the puzzle in time

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak wants people to know that he’s a nice guy. However, his actions and words don’t always line up with that image. In fact, he can sometimes be incredibly rude. He often cracks jokes at the expense of others and it doesn’t always sit well with viewers.

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In the episode, the guest was having a really hard time guessing the final puzzle. The phrase ended up being “cute and fuzzy,” but she just couldn’t figure it out.

But instead of being sympathetic to the contestant, Pat Sajak decided to completely roast the guest.

“You could have stood here until the next ice age and tried, you weren’t going to get it,” the 75-year-old host told her.

Afterward, the internet lit up with angry Wheel of Fortune fans. They felt embarrassed for the player and didn’t think it was necessary for Pat to speak so rudely to her. Many put themselves in the player’s shoes and would be absolutely mortified if Pat Sajak mocked them if they couldn’t figure out a puzzle.

Do you agree with online fans here or do you think that Pat Sajak was just being funny? No matter what you think, leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

The Wheel of Fortune host has a history of crass behavior

Many viewers felt embarrassed by the way Pat Sajak treated the guest, but this isn’t completely out of character for him. The former DJ has even made awkward jokes about his own wife on air before.

That time, he joked that he and his wife had been married for 15 great years. Then he added, that 15 out of 30 wasn’t too bad. Several people laughed, but not all viewers thought the joke was funny. In fact, many thought it was incredibly rude to speak about his wife like that on a family-friendly game show.

Check out this other example of Pat Sajak being rude to a player on the show:

Are you surprised by Pat Sajak’s behavior? Do you think the long-time host needs to cool it? Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Check back for more Wheel of Fortune news!

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