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’Jeopardy!’: Lack Of Support Cost Terry Wolfisch Cole The Win?

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Time and again, Jeopardy! has been questioned over its decisions in certain confusing in-game situations. From accepting a poorly written answer for one to rejecting it for another, Jeopardy!’s decisions lately have been cross-examined by fans. Following a similar pattern, the game show is now being accused of lack of support after a contestant fumed over feeling helpless against Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider. What happened? Keep reading to find out more!

Terry Wolfisch Almost Dethroned Champ Amy Schneider

In a Jeopardy! episode that aired back in January, contestant Terry Wolfisch Cole had enough earnings to easily defeat Amy, the 40-time champ in the final round. Terry, a professional storyteller from West Simsbury, Connecticut, faced Amy and Geoff Hoppe in the final round.


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As the three contestants entered the Final Jeopardy! round, Amy had $25,000, Jeff had $11,600, and Terry had $13,400. With more than half of Amy’s score, Terry was pretty close to dethroning the legendary champion. However, Amy won and her winning streak continued.

Jeopardy! Contestant Terry Wishes The Show Allowed Calculators

Terry wasn’t happy with what went down on the sets of Jeopardy!

She revealed that she felt she didn’t have the help required to win the game. Terry shared, “I wish that instead of making contestants do math with a sharpie they gave people pencils with erasers and calculators, what harm could it really do?”


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“If you’re someone who is more verbal than numeral to begin with, and you are in this extremely high-pressure situation. And we’ve all practiced the wagering strategies- but a calculator would have been really comforting to have,” she explained.

Terry Struggled With The Wagering Amount Causing Her Defeat

In the crucial final round, players just get 30 seconds to guess the answer. Not just that, they also have to choose the amount to wager at the same time and write it on their screen. As per The Sun, viewers could see Terry struggle to decide the amount she should wager which diverted her focus from the right answer.


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Talking about this error, Terry mentioned, “Nobody should lose on a math error. As a contestant, it would have lowered my heart rate a little bit if I had been given a pencil and a calculator.”

“Begun in the 1070s with stone from Caen, it was meant to dominate both a skyline & the hearts & minds of a conquered populace,” read the Final Jeopardy! clue.

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However, Terry had the wrong answer that said, “Buckingham Palace.” On the other hand, Amy chimed in with the right one that read, “The Tower Of London.” This got her $27,000 and the winning streak continued. Terry lost $10,600 & the game ended with just $2,800 in her account.

Do you think Terry’s demands are justified? Finally, should Jeopardy! start providing calculators to its contestants? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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