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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Pinpoint Potential Champ, Big Payday Coming?

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Jeopardy! fans pinpointed a potential champ already. The show just premiered its 39th season on Monday, September 12. However, fans know there is a champ who could tear up the show. They’re already placing their bets on who it could be.

This comes amid the whispers that there is a “super-champ” among the players. Some of the fans were shocked over the player’s “huge payday” on Monday’s episode. Season 39 premiered with Ken Jennings behind the podium. He will host the quiz show until Januar 2023.

Host Ken Jennings [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]

Ken Jennings shocked over this player

Season 39 is already off to a strong start. Jeopardy! premiered on Monday after it took a break on July 31, 2022. Former champ Ken Jennings was astonished over one of the players. One of the new players had a promising start. The three contestants during the episode were Katherine May, Tim Faulkner, and Luigi de Guzman.

Luigi returned from winning the last game of Season 38 with a one-day total of $23,401. The attorney from Arlington, Virginia was ready to continue his winning streak. Even Ken was shocked over his winnings. Luigi correctly guessed 10 out of 15 clues in the first round.

Luigi De Guzman [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
He also ended up winning a Daily Double, which earned him $14,000 after 30 clues. Luigi then correctly guessed 17 clues during the regular Jeopardy! round and Double Jeopardy! round. He wound up with two more Daily Doubles, which were worth $10k each.

Luigi won Final Jeopardy! with 34 correct guesses and two incorrect clues. He got all three Daily Doubles right. Ken seemed astonished over Luigi’s streak during that episode alone. Even fans couldn’t stop buzzing about him on the latest YouTube video. Some of them have a feeling that he will become the next “mega-champ.”

Jeopardy! fans loving Season 39 premiere

Luigi’s game stats could put him on the map with some of the champs. Jeopardy! fans took to a YouTube video to share their thoughts. They feel that the quiz show hasn’t lost its strength.

  • “In the Season 38 premiere, Matt Amodio [who’d win 38 games] won a huge payday worth $67,800.”
  • “In this Season 39 premiere, Luigi won a huge payday worth $42,400. How crazy is that?!”
  • “Don’t want to jinx it yet, but Luigi could be a massive super champ.”

Executive producers previously hinted that a contestant on the new season could be “similar to Amy Schneider.” They could end up having a multi-week winning streak. This is exactly what Jeopardy! fans have been wanting for a while now. They felt that the latter part of Season 38 didn’t live up to the start.

What are your thoughts on Luigi? Do you think he could end up becoming a super-champ? What are your thoughts on Season 39 of Jeopardy so far? Sound off below in the comment section.

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