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The Real Reason Meri Brown Will Never Leave Kody

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For years, Sister Wives fans have asked one very big question: Why does Meri Brown continue to stay with Kody? Moreover, there have been rumors for years that Meri and Kody aren’t really together anymore. As a very explosive Season 17 of Sister Wives continues to roll out, fans now believe they know exactly why she stays with him. Moreover, they know the real reason why Meri Brown will never, ever leave Kody. What is the reason she continues to hang on? Keep reading.

The real reason Meri Brown will never leave Kody

During the most recent episode of Sister Wives, fans were reminded that Meri Brown was Kody’s first wife. Likewise, Meri reminded fans that she played an important role in helping build the family she has now. Ironically enough, fans suspect Meri’s refusal to leave Kody stems from the same place as his frustration over Christine’s decision to leave.

Kody Brown admitted during Season 17 that Christine leaving him and leaving the family made him feel like a failure. Her decision to leave made him feel weak and like he had no control. He believed fans saw his family fracturing and his plural marriage not working. And, the whole point of Sister Wives was to show the world how a plural marriage works.

Sister Wives fans suspect the real reason Meri Brown refuses to leave Kody isn’t that she loves him or she loves her sister wives. Fans suspect Meri shares the same fear as Kody. She made the decision to put her plural marriage on television. And, leaving Kody Brown feels like she would be admitting everything she built and agreed to after marrying him was a lie. She would feel like a failure And, fans suspect she’d rather continue to be miserable with a man that has no love for her than admit she failed at being in a plural marriage.

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Are they even really still together?

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, there have been rumors that Kody Brown and Meri aren’t really together. Anonymous sources have come out of the woodwork to claim that Meri only hangs out in Flagstaff long enough to film new seasons before bailing on the entire family. Several of Christine and Janelle’s older children seemingly supported this theory by confirming they had no relationship with Meri. Paedon Brown, for example, has openly admitted to having no relationship with Meri. He even clarified that relationships work both ways and she’s never tried to have a relationship with him.


Do you think Meri Brown is afraid of what people will think if she decides to leave Kody? Let us know what you think of this fan theory in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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  1. She stays in the farce, what they call marriage for the money. Everyone can see how unhappy the “wives” are except robin. Kody is so pompous and wants everyone to feel sorry for him. Wonder how he would handle just one wife since he can’t handle 4. Not watching anymore after last night. All the women should move on and get a real husband. Being by yourself would be better then someone like him.

    1. that might be true but she gave up her marriage so that. Robyn can have Cody adopt her kids so if she is in it to the money or who care she invested a lot of years to man who put his needs ,thinks only of himself so more power to her who cares what people say or think or sister wives wouldn’t be on TV but that’s my opinion only ..

  2. kody is so cruel to Meri, all he does is throw her “catfish” incident in her face constantly. If Kody had been the husband he was suppose to be to Meri, she would of not feel victim to a “catfish”. I think he resents her because was not able to bare more than 1 child. Kody has had 3 affairs that produced children on Meri. Kody needs to move to the RV since he wants a man cave. Meri deserves so much better. Now Kody has his eyes on Robin’s niece, how sick are you Kody. A father who does not go to a daughter’s surgery for selfish reasons is not much of a father. When is enough, enough Kody, if you don’t love not want to be with Meri & Janelle, be a man & tell them & go have your happy family with Robin. Maybe it’s not the wives you want, but the financial freedom they bring.

  3. I think the whole catfish thing made Meri afraid to ever try and leave. Sadly she knows who Kody is and she probably rather deal with that then the unknown.

  4. haven’t we all been Catfished at one time or another .men come into our lives promising one thing and turn out to be something they are not no matterr who they met on the internet in real life we live and learn from ouristakes .

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